McMaster Filling National Security Council With Islamic Apologists – Purges Patriots

ELDER PATRIOT – Richard Viguerie is old enough to have witnessed the Deep State and establishment elite turn on a previous president.  Viguerie is the father of direct mail political marketing and is credited with helping propel anti-establishment candidate Ronald Reagan to the presidency that both political parties and the Deep State were aligned against. 

Viguerie recognizes when the Deep State is trying to isolate the president from everyone and anyone who might confirm his political positions.  That is the reason he is tweeting this warning to Americans who are too young to recognize (or who refuse to believe) that this is standard operating procedure in the Washington swamp:

Why was Rich Higgins fired?  McMaster was furious with Higgins for having written a memo arguing that President Trump’s administration is under sustained attack from globalists and Islamists.

The reason for his firing isn’t in question.  Even the ultra liberal The Atlantic reported that as the reason for Higgins firing right in the headline of their report:

“An NSC Staffer Is Forced Out Over a Controversial Memo

The document charges that globalists, Islamists, and other forces within and outside the government are subverting President Trump’s agenda.”

Higgins is a former Pentagon official who served as director for strategic planning in the NSC’s strategic-planning office. He was fired on July 21.

According to The Atlantic the memo warned President Trump that he must be alert for the formation of a counter state within the federal government:

“In Maoist insurgencies, the formation of a counter-state is essential to seizing state power,” the memo said. “Functioning as a hostile complete state acting within an existing state, it has an alternate infrastructure. Political warfare operates as one of the activities of the ‘counter-state.”

This is what investigative journalist Paul Sperry told us was taking shape in his February 11, 2017 article, How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency – New York Post:

“In what’s shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn’t just staying behind in Washington. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular “America First” agenda.”

The Atlantic continued citing Higgins memo:

“Because the left is aligned with Islamist organizations at local, national, and international levels, recognition should be given to the fact that they seamlessly interoperate through coordinated synchronized interactive narratives … These attack narratives are pervasive, full spectrum, and institutionalized at all levels. They operate in social media, television, the 24-hour news cycle in all media and are entrenched at the upper levels of the bureaucracies.”

Higgins had also pushed to declassify politically damaging documents regarding radical Islam and Iran and the Obama administration.  Presidential Study Directive 11 that outlined unrest throughout the Middle East prior to the Arab Spring was one of those documents.

According the report in The Atlantic the memo outlined many of the same ideas he laid out in an interview with the Daily Caller last year. In the interview, he said political warfare includes non-violent and violent actions working in synthesis.

Higgins also warned that the left, working with enemy-friendly Muslim Brotherhood allies, has been able to control the dominant cultural narrative with the media and the government, blinding Americans in the war on terror and influencing how they think.

As we watch Western culture collapse under the malfeasance and compliance of its political leaders, Higgins views as written below are at least worthy of making President Trump’s desk for consideration:

“National Security officials are prohibited from developing a factual understanding of Islamic threat doctrines, preferring instead to depend upon 5th column Muslim Brotherhood cultural advisors.

These members of the Muslim Brotherhood were placed in significant positions within every agency of the federal government by the Obama administration under the premise that the First Amendment guaranteeing Freedom of Religion can also be subverted into a suicide pact.

McMaster has been purging other members of the NSC who share Richard Higgins’ worldviews including forcing President Trump’s most loyal senior advisor and fellow Nationalist Steve Bannon into a lesser role.

Among others purged by McMaster were Derek Harvey and Ezra Watnick-Cohen.  According to Daniel Greenfield writing for

“Harvey had warned of Al Qaeda when most chose to ignore it. He had seen the Sunni insurgency rising when most chose to deny it.

“The former Army colonel had made his reputation by learning the lay of the land. In Iraq that meant sleeping on mud floors and digging into documents to figure out where the threat was coming from.

“It was hard to imagine anyone better qualified to serve as President Trump’s top Middle East adviser at the National Security Council than a man who had been on the ground in Iraq and who had seen it all.

“Just like in Iraq, Harvey began digging at the NSC. He came up with a list of Obama holdovers who were leaking to the press. McMaster, the new head of the NSC, refused to fire any of them.

“McMaster had a different list of people he wanted to fire. It was easy to make the list. Harvey was on it.

“All you had to do was name Islamic terrorism as the problem and oppose the Iran Deal. If you came in with Flynn, you would be out. If you were loyal to Trump, your days were numbered.

“And if you warned about Obama holdovers undermining the new administration, you were a target.

“One of McMaster’s first acts at the NSC was to ban any mention of “Obama holdovers.” Not only did the McMaster coup purge Harvey, who had assembled the holdover list, but his biggest target was Ezra Watnick-Cohen, who had exposed the eavesdropping on Trump officials by Obama personnel.

“Ezra Watnick-Cohen had provided proof of the Obama surveillance to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes. McMaster, however, was desperately working to fire him and replace him with Linda Weissgold. McMaster’s choice to replace Watnick-Cohen was the woman who helped draft the Benghazi talking points which blamed the Islamic terrorist attack on a video protest.”

What is McMaster afraid of?  As head of the NSC he already wields great influence over policy.  Doesn’t he believe that President Trump, in possession of all of the facts and opinions, would listen to him?

Perhaps McMaster knows his comments to the National Defense University where he flatly stated that, “The Islamic State is not Islamic,” will not square with President Trump’s demand that until we are willing to call radical Islamic terror radical Islamic terror we cannot win this clash of civilizations.

McMaster likely feared that Higgins was just too closely aligned with President Trump’s views, and too factually based in his opinions to be allowed anywhere near the president.  In an op-ed Higgins submitted to the Washington Times last September 9, 2016 he wrote:

“A strategic reassessment of the entire combating terrorism effort that is free from politically correct nonsense is long overdue. The “Islam has nothing to do with terrorism” narratives have effectively shut down the intelligence process for the war in any meaningful sense. Sure, we CT officers could look at organizations and people and places, some of which had Islamic names, but we could never dig into the political and ideological reasons the enemy was attacking us—which is supposed to be the first order of business in any strategic threat assessment.”

President Trump ran against the Obama administration’s refusal to call a spade a spade.  McMaster has insisted on maintaining Obama’s failed anti-terror policies and continues to staff Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers when and when he can in positions of grave importance. 

This doesn’t just give potential enemies the ability to influence policy decisions it gives them access to highly classified information that they can pass on to our enemies abroad. 

McMaster’s unwillingness to purge the leakers under his command exacerbates this problem and calls into question where his loyalties lie.  His recent re-affirmation of Susan Rice’s security clearance proves he has no intention to put an end to the damaging leaks either.  Rice of course was guilty of illegally unmasking Trump officials after having conducted illegal surveillance on them while she was serving as Obama’s National Security Advisor.

As the president remakes his White House staff it’s time that he re-evaluate the selection of H.R. McMaster as head of the National Security Council.