Durham is Examining Pentagon Office of Net Assessment Payments to Stephan Halper – Obama Official Silenced Whistleblower in This Case – Indictments Expected

One of the great things about President Trump’s ability to withstand a battering while against the ropes for thirteen rounds – ala Muhummad Ali – is that when he begins counterpunching he can throw everything his opponent threw at him right back at him.

We’re betting that this will soon be the case when U.S. Attorney John Durham completes his investigation of the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA).  

The ONA’s mission is to conduct analyses of future threats and develop ways to defeat them.

Democrats have been crowing about the need to protect the anonymous whistleblower – whose complaint against President Trump was to establish the predicate for impeachment – from reprisal.

Compare that with the story of Adam Lovinger, a security analyst with the ONA.

Over his twelve years at the ONA, Lovinger had developed a reputation as a highly respected national security analyst, receiving the highest possible rating each year he was there.  

In 2006 Lovinger received the highest career award for civil servants working in the Office of Secretary of Defense, the “Secretary of Defense Exceptional Civilian Service Award.”

When Lovinger began questioning outrageously high payments to outside contractors, he was stripped of his security clearance and banished to a clerical position.  So much for protecting whistleblowers from reprisal.

Among Lovinger’s whistleblower complaints were payments made to Stephan Halper that totaled $411,575 within a 10-month period. 

Little did Lovinger know at the time that he had touched the third rail of Obama-era intelligence community corruption.

(The Washington Times) Mr. Lovinger filed a whistleblower reprisal complaint in May with the Defense Department inspector general against James Baker, director of the Office of Net Assessment. The complaint also singles out Washington Headquarters Services, a Pentagon support agency that awarded the Halper contracts totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In an internal October 2016 email to higher-ups, Mr. Lovinger wrote of “the moral hazard associated with the Washington Headquarters Services contracting with Stefan Halper,” the complaint said. It said Mr. Baker hired Mr. Halper to “conduct foreign relations,” a job that should be confined to government officials.

Funny that.  Mr. Baker can hire a contractor to conduct foreign policy and we hear crickets.

But when President Trump, the ultimate decision maker when it comes to foreign policy, does the same thing with Rudy Giuliani, the Democrat/Corporate Media smear machine kicks into overdrive.

But I digress.

“Nobody in the office seemed to know what Halper was doing for his money,” Mr. Bigley (Lovinger’s attorney) said. “Adam said Jim Baker, the director, kept Halper’s contracts very close to the vest. And nobody seemed to have any idea what he was doing at the time. 

Now we know why.  

Halper was a national security consultant in the U.S. and Britain who had ties to the U.K.’s MI6 spy agency through his business partner.

He was also a central element in an elaborate plot to create the appearance that members of the Trump campaign were colluding with Russia.  

Halper was tasked with planting the idea in George Papadopoulos’ mind that Russia was in possession of Hillary’s emails.  For that, Halper received $411,575 of your tax money. You think it’s easy running up a $1.25 Trillion annual deficit?

Halper’s efforts, along with similarly coordinated efforts by Joseph Mifsud and Andrew Downer, created a predicate eventually used by the FBI to open a counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign.

That counterintelligence investigation was run under the auspices of the DOJ’s National Security Division that became the epicenter of the coup attempt targeting President Trump.

The lead legal counsel for the DOJ-NSD at that time was Michael Atkinson.  

Atkinson is now the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community (ICIG).  We leave it to you to decide if he has questionable motives.  

His advancement of the whistleblower’s complaint that was based solely on second-hand information, is likely not a coincidence. 

Whatever the plans for engaging Halper’s services were when he was hired, the end result was a series of fraudulently obtained FISA warrants used to spy at first on the Trump campaign and later on the president.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr appointed Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia probe.  Dollars to donuts, Durham is interviewing the Obama administration officials involved in squashing Lovinger’s complaint.

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