Coverage of N.Y. Governor’s Tirade Underscores Extent of Our Dystopian Society

During his presser yesterday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo went off on FEMA.  They weren’t supplying ventilators at a fast enough rate for him. His words reflected the actions of a politician, not a statesman.

During the full presser, Gov. Cuomo explained N.Y. state’s immediate need for ventilators.  It ain’t 30,000 ventilators… not even close.

The governor stated himself that less than 800 patients were in ICU units in NY State where ventilators are necessary and he had over 300 ventilators.  Patients in his state have an immediate need for over 400 ventilators.

It was only the day before when President Trump and Attorney General William Barr announced that they would be taking action against hoarders because medical supplies were in short supply and in need of rationing.  It appears that Gov. Cuomo missed that briefing.

To be fair, Gov. Cuomo is fighting for the people of his state but he has only himself to blame.

Back in 2015, under Gov. Cuomo’s watch the New York State Department of Health warned about the need for ventilators when a pandemic hit their state.

The good governor didn’t order them after his state health commissioner at the time, Howard Zucker, recommended that the state not purchase the 16,000 ventilators because there weren’t enough doctors and medical personnel to operate them.  

That’s what training is for.  How many medical technicians could be up to speed after five years?

None of that is FEMA’s fault.  And, it sure as hell isn’t President Trump’s fault.

However many ventilators FEMA has in its stockpile has to be stretched to meet the needs of 50 states, not just New York.

But it’s the media’s coverage of President Trump pointing out how Gov. Cuomo failed to protect the people of his state that reveals the dystopian nature of today’s reporting.

Sadly the mainstream media did what they always do.  They attacked President Trump when he defended FEMA (and, himself) for the Democrat’s failure to act.

Andrew Cuomo clearly has his eye on the presidency so it’s fair to ask, where in the Constitution does it make the federal government responsible for the needs of individual states?  Ours is a Federalist system.

New York City has become the epicenter of the Covid-19 virus in the United States.  Why isn’t Cuomo rethinking his state’s sanctuary policies that have allowed NYC to become an open bedsore.  

And, why in hell are New Yorkers still allowed to travel when it’s highly likely someone on public conveyances – planes, trains, subways, buses –  is infected?  

New Yorkers have been fleeing to Florida, North Carolina, and Long Island desperately trying to escape the disease ignoring the fact that many of them will be spreading it.

The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci advised those New Yorkers to self-isolate for two weeks.  

“We don’t want that to be another seeding point to the rest of the country, wherever they go,” Dr. Fauci said.

There’s only one way to make sure that doesn’t happen.  President Trump would need to order a quarantine of New York and then ship him the 30,000 ventilators.  What would Governor Cuomo say then?

But the fact is, as long as people are allowed to flee areas with the highest rates of infection, their potential to spread the disease threatens a return to economic normalcy.  In turn that threatens our ability to feed and house ourselves long after this virus burns itself out.

Trump did order FEMA to send an additional 4,000 ventilators to New York, yesterday.  That will meet Cuomo’s immediate needs for the near future with Ford and GM willingly gear up to start producing more of the life-saving equipment.

Now Cuomo should STFU and spend the state’s exorbitant tax revenues on ventilators and other necessities that his citizens need instead of spending their money on illegal aliens.

This 1934 cartoon warned us children back then of relying on others for their needs…

It’s no wonder why our dystopian media, in a coordinated attempt to turn us into compliant servants dependent on the state, never show it to our children, anymore.