AOC Gets Torched: Chief Border Patrol Agent Releases Video Tour of Detention Center Dispelling Congresswoman’s Lies

Elder Patriot – Yesterday’s Tribute to America, that was hosted by President Trump, was a stroke of brilliance.

Not just for the reawakening of patriotism that it sparked in Trump’s base, but because if highlighted the stark contrast between the two disparate factions that comprise our national politics.

One side realizes the conceptual greatness inherent in our nation’s founding, recognizes the work still remaining to be done, and celebrates both our accomplishments and our opportunity for even greater things in the future.    

Then there are those who have given up and chosen to be victims rather than avail themselves of the incredible opportunities this country provides.  

These people find solace in the politics of socialist dogma and the Marxist politicians who peddle the discredited system.  

They want to remake America in the image of the old Soviet Union and will stop at nothing to denigrate/destroy/corrupt every institution – marriage, reproduction, education, law enforcement, national sovereignty, etc. – that stands in their way.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is among the most high-profile of these Marxists.  She has put a target on the men and women who defend our borders and who protect, both, the legal residents of the United States and those entering our country illegally.

After touring a detention facility where illegal entrants were being held while being processed, she attacked those running the facilities both professionally and personally.  Do not discount the purpose of making herself the target of border agents.

She was met with almost immediate rebuke.

First by the Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, who after having toured the same facilities, said he did not witness the deplorable conditions Ocasio-Cortez described.

For the record, The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference is the world’s largest Hispanic Christian organization.  Their takeaway was entirely contrary to AOC’s radical criticism of the CBP and its agents.

Then U.S. Senator John Kennedy called out AOC for her gross hypocrisy, telling Fox News’ Martha MacCallum that “The voices in her [AOC’s] head were not real.”

“… the bill to give more money to try to improve conditions in the House is being held together by spit.  But Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is opposing the bill.”

“The hypocrisy is breathtaking.” 

“On the one hand, she says you are running a concentration camp, and then she refuses to provide the president with the money to enlarge the facilities.”

This is a popular ploy of Marxist leaders; use you power to create a problem, then demagogue about it while blaming your political opponent(s).  

Committed constituents are especially vulnerable to this tactic because they’re already looking to blame others for their failures.

Finally, Tucson’s Chief Patrol Agent Roy Villareal posted a video tour of a detention center for illegal migrants and refuted the “toilet water” claims made by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

Villeral begins the video by showing the supply room stocked with the immediate needs of detainees.  He moves to showing the supply cart that resembles those normally seen in hospitals that offer patients snacks.  In this case personal care items can be had, as well.

Villereal then explains the dual purpose sink (that provides potable water) and toilet combo.

After describing the way the unit functions Villareal, who has been a member of the Border Patrol for the past 30 years, drank from the sink.

Villereal took charge of the Tucson Sector in March 2019.

We have seen two visions of America.  It’s time to choose which one fits you best.