This is Yuuuge: Finally a Massively Bi-Partisan Vote And It’s in Support of Trump! Wow!

Elder Patriot – And now for something completely different.

Trump derangement syndrome still infects members of the hard left but their numbers are dwindling.

Last month Congressman Al Green, the male version of Maxine Waters, organized a whopping five other Democrat representatives and together they drafted and filed articles of impeachment against President Trump.  The vaguely drafted articles cited no specific crimes that the president was guilty of.

Still Speaker Paul Ryan finally agreed to schedule a vote to determine if the House would even entertain Green’s charges.

The vote was held this afternoon and Trump was vindicated by a 364-58 vote to table the motion.

That means that even among Democrats, Trump garnered 135 votes to ignore the articles that Green and his equally deranged allies had drafted.  His fellow Dems soundly rejected his outrageous request.

Still, it’s disturbing to think that there are 58 unhinged partisans trusted with holding such important positions in our government.

Here’s the list of the Democrats that are so filled with hate for our America First president that they can’t see straight.  Just a heads up – the list reads like a roll call for the Congressional Black Caucus – with a few other radicals thrown in just to give them cover.

Now can we get on with running the country somewhere other than into the ground?