You’ll Find The Answer Is Disturbing

ELDER PATRIOT – The neocons who regularly appear on the cable fake news channels would have you believe that Russia presents the greatest existential threat to America and her values.  But, does it?

These warmongers would like us to believe that a nation with a GDP smaller than each of three U.S. states is both capable of conducting a sustained all-out war with us and is inclined to start one.

These representatives of the military-industrial complex base their assertions on allegations that the Russians “hacked our election.”

While there is evidence that they’ve done a whole lot of hacking, it has been admitted that they were unsuccessful in hacking even a single U.S. voting machine.  In fact, no evidence has surfaced that Russian hackers even tried to insert themselves into a single voting machine.

It’s childishly naïve to believe that we aren’t hacking their systems just as, or more aggressively.

But even accepting that the Russians – like the Chinese, the Iranians, the North Koreans, The Saudis etc., etc. – have successfully hacked into our secrets, it would be a lot more disturbing to consider the prospect that Russians or other foreign entities have actually gained control over the governments of one or more states in order to set U.S. policy through judicial rulings, legislative control, and executive powers.

Well consider the facts.

If I told you a nefarious foreign enemy had bribed, extorted, blackmailed, or brainwashed three judges to usurp the presidential powers enumerated in the Constitution, the Ninth Circuit’s decision earlier this week would be more plausible than it now is.  It’s hard to believe in any decision that comes from the Ninth Circuit when those decisions are overturned on appeal five times as often as they are upheld.  Translation: the Ninth Circuit rules in opposition to the Constitution approximately 85% of the time.

If I told you that California’s decision to become a sanctuary state was evidence that foreign agents had infiltrated various state and city governments and seized control of the voting apparatus it would be more reasonable than believing that legal voters in California actually support, by a 2-1 margin, the cultural decay and bankrupting expenses that they are being forced to endure.

Is it really believable that the voters of two U.S. states – California and New York – voted for Hillary’s open borders/globalist vision over Trump’s nationalist agenda by a 65% to 35% margin after having first-hand experience with the job loss, cultural decay and crime, and the financial burdens on budgets already operating in the red?

Wouldn’t a more judicious explanation at least consider why California gave 4.3 million votes to Hillary Clinton than to Donald Trump, especially in light of the Democrats feigned outrage over the new president’s call for an audit of our voting system to ensure its integrity?  After all, aren’t they claiming the Russians “hacked our election?”

Under what we like to believe is our representative system of government California has 55 electoral votes.  That gives them a whopping influence over 10% of the entire nation’s electoral results.  In the House of Representatives California’s influence exceeds 12% over that chamber’s decisions.

Yet, despite all of that influence California will not accept the will of the voters of the United States and its leaders are openly defying the will of the remaining states that gave Trump 3.1 million votes (sans California and NY) than Hillary.

Pardon me but I can’t seem but conclude that California, with an economy twice the size of Russia and that exerts undisputed influence over our elections, legislative agenda, and judicial rulings, is a far greater threat to America and her values than an economic weakling on the far side of the world.