Was Yesterday’s “Hit” on Mobster and Mueller Informant Whitey Bulger Orchestrated to Protect Mueller?

Elder Patriot – Famed Boston mobster Whitey Bulger was granted a ride up the organized crime ladder by Robert Mueller.  At the time, Mueller was an assistant U.S. attorney before becoming the acting U.S. attorney in Boston.

In exchange for turning the other cheek while Bulger was burying bodies in shallow graves along Neponset, Mueller received the lowdown on Boston’s Italian mafia.  

Mueller was burnishing his own record and to do so he allowed Bulger to become a murdering criminal kingpin in his own right. 

If this sounds eerily similar to the manner in which he has been conducting the soft coup attempt against President Trump, then you’re not the only one who has recognized that similarity.

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert released a 48-page report that explained Mueller’s

“long and sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent people” and “he lacks the judgement and credibility to lead the prosecution of anyone.”

Gohmert’s extensive report includes two pages dedicated to Mueller’s criminal mismanagement of Whitey Bulger:

Mueller was the head of the Criminal Division as Assistant U.S. Attorney, then as Acting U.S. Attorney. I could not find any explanation online by Mueller as to why he insisted on keeping the defendants in prison that FBI agents—in the pocket of Whitey Bulger—had framed for a murder they did not commit. Make no mistake: these were not honorable people he had incarcerated. But it was part of a pattern that eventually became quite clear that Mueller was more concerned with convicting and putting people in jail he disliked, even if they were innocent of the charges, than he was with ferreting out the truth.

I found no explanation as to why he did not bear any responsibility for the $100 million paid to the defendants who were framed by FBI agents under his control. The Boston Globe said, “Thanks to the FBI’s corruption, taxpayers got stuck with the $100 million bill for compensating the framed men, two of whom, Greco and Tameleo, died in prison.”

The Boston Globe article Congressman Gohmert cited explains the entire sordid relationship:

Back in the 1980s, when he was serving on the Massachusetts parole board, [Mike] Albano expressed some sympathy for a group of men who had always maintained they had been framed for the 1965 gangland murder of a hoodlum named Teddy Deegan in Chelsea. The FBI had been instrumental in seeing that the men – Peter Limone, Henry Tameleo, Joe Salvati, and Louis Greco – were convicted. The FBI contended that Tameleo was the consigliere of the Mafia in Boston, and that Limone was a Mafia leader. There is no question that both men were bad actors, and Mafia players, but the evidence showed that neither had anything to do Deegan’s murder.

So in 1983, after Albano indicated he might vote to release Limone, he got a visit from a pair of FBI agents named John Connolly and John Morris. They told Albano that the men convicted of Deegan’s murder were bad guys, made guys.

“They told me that if I wanted to stay in public life, I shouldn’t vote to release a guy like Limone,’’ Albano said. “They intimidated me.’’

Turns out that Connolly was Whitey Bulger’s corrupt handler and Morris was Connolly’s corrupt supervisor. When they weren’t pocketing bribes from Bulger, they were helping him murder potential witnesses who were poised to expose the FBI’s sordid, Faustian deal with the rat named Whitey Bulger.

Albano was messing with the FBI’s national policy of going after the Mafia and the Mafia alone. That was the justification the FBI gave for making deals with devils like Whitey Bulger and his partner in crime, Stevie Flemmi. They were supposedly giving up their pals in the Mafia. The problem with the FBI’s national policy is that it didn’t take into account that the most vicious, murderous gangsters in Boston were Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi.

Connolly and Morris reported directly to Robert Mueller.  

If Mueller’s assistance in clearing the way for Whitey Bulger to become a criminal kingpin, by turning his back as Bulger ordered the assassination of his competitors, were ever to be widely reported, it would lay the predicate for tainting every investigation Mueller has been involved in or overseen since.

It would certainly draw parallels to his blind spot for the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the phony Steele dossier.

Additional parallels would be made to the framing of innocent people and the use of FBI intimidation tactics to make his case against President Trump.

Turning back to Whitey Bulger, the question arises as to why, at the age of 89 and after spending half a decade in federal prison in Oklahoma, he was suddenly transferred to the U.S. Penitentiary at Hazelton, WV?

The day after his arrival at Hazelton, Bulger was “eliminated” in a traditional mob-style hit.  It was a common practice during the 1930’s and 1940’s for the mobsters associated with Murders Inc., to gouge out the eyes of snitches.

Bulger was both a snitch and his eyes had been gouged.  

What does this have to do with Robert Mueller?  Maybe nothing. Maybe everything.

The feds carefully vett prison populations to avoid placing informants in close contact with those they have informed on.  Why was Bulger moved to a new prison – one that was housing mobsters who wanted to kill him?

Was Bulger’s murder another FBI “insurance policy?”

Was Bulger ready to turn on Mueller?  Or, was he killed because Mueller, or those with an interest in protecting Mueller, were afraid that he might and they weren’t willing to take that risk.

If Bulger had approached the FBI about informing on Mueller – admittedly a big if – was he foolish enough to trust them to play it straight?

If that is the case do you think you’ll ever learn about it from the mainstream media?

Remember, it was only yesterday that the same media openly moved to protect the corrupt special counsel from allegations of sexual assault.

Something stinks.