WTF is Mitt Romney Up To???

ELDER PATRIOT – A new poll released over the weekend shows Donald Trump now leading Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.  But, when Mitt Romney is offered to the respondents as a third party candidate, he siphons off just enough votes from Trump to give Hillary the lead.

This raises the question as to just whose team Romney is playing for?  In 2012 the Business Insider reported that, Trump has given millions to SuperPACs supporting Romney’s campaign, and is also one of the campaign’s “bundlers” — an exclusive group of big-money fundraisers who the Romney campaign has kept secret. Cohen also said that Trump has gotten his whole family to pitch in to make Romney president.” 

Clearly Trump’s money wasn’t deemed to be “dirty” or to have come with a quid pro quo or else we would expect that Romney would’ve rejected Trump’s overture.  After all, Romney wants us to believe that he’s driven by altruistic virtue in his rejection of Trump.  So why would Romney be so disloyal now? 

Which part of Trump’s platform to enforce our immigration laws does Romney disagree with?

Why does Romney disagree with putting a temporary halt to the importation (at taxpayer expense) of un-vetted Muslims from radicalized areas of the Middle East until we can determine a way to guarantee the safety of Americans whose communities they are being settled in?

Surely Romney doesn’t disagree with attempting to balance the budget and to reduce our national debt, does he?

It can’t be that he’s against restructuring trade deals that actually work for American’s workers rather than solely to enrich international corporations, can it?

Mitt Romney threw the 2012 election to an extremely unpopular sitting president who is now undermining every aspect of Constitutional government to advance a wildly progressive agenda that includes everything listed above.  Now he’s preparing to do the same thing in 2016 in order to elect Hillary Clinton who has promised a third term for Obama’s policies.

Mitt money needs to explain himself.