WTF Happened to the FBI??? Let’s Play Connect the Dots – New Evidence That FBI Knew About Vegas Shooter(s)

Those of us who have been trying to piece together what happened in Las Vegas on the night of October 1, 2017, when 58 concert goers were slaughtered and 851 more injured in the most egregious mass shooting in American history, have been labeled conspiracy theorists and peddlers of Fake News, and silenced by Facebook and Google, and discredited by the mainstream media.

Laura Loomer is an incredibly brave and intrepid journalist whose work we have referenced before.  Well, she has continued digging for facts and last night she went live with this:

Loomer’s article is the result of a bulldog attitude and an acceptance of the danger involved in bucking the establishment and I will not cite heavily from it.  We owe it to her to read it from her site for yourself.

The significant takeaway from her piece, for the purposes of this article, is that the 164-page official Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department report was filed within one week of the incident and contained evidence that the FBI knew, or should’ve known that the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, was likely connected to a terror group.

And, when ISIS claimed responsibility why did the FBI immediately dismiss that possibility?  This follows a pattern of deliberate obfuscation and malfeasance by the FBI that we’ve seen repeatedly in failing to recognize potential mass shooters in San Bernardino, Orlando, and  most recently in Parkland, Florida.

Loomer uncovered even more damning proof that we were lied to about the events that fateful night in Las Vegas.

Wow!  So much for the lie that Stephen Paddock was a “lone wolf “ shooter.

We contested these claims at the time, and in the immediate aftermath, because they simply didn’t square with what anyone with an inquiring mind could accept.

Here were just a few of the reports we filed in the first week of October 2017:

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We presented at least a dozen articles questioning why the silence coming from “authorities” was so deafening.  Whether we were 100% correct in our reporting is beside the point. After all, we were piecing what evidence we came across together while sitting at a computer almost 2400 miles away.

And significantly, many of the scenarios we offered have far more evidence to support our assertions than the mainstream media’s support of Robert Mueller’s lame witch hunt.

The more important question is why weren’t the FBI asking the same questions we were?

The continued malfeasance of the FBI in a growing number of high-profile and highly politicized cases lead us to question to what extent had former directors Robert Mueller and James Comey turned the FBI into a political tool for the previous two sitting presidents?

We know that Former President Obama’s intentions, while assiduously hidden by the mainstream media, had always been to promote Iranian hegemony throughout the Middle East and North Africa. He had already opened a back channel to Iran during the summer of his presidential campaign.

In light of the spying that they conducted on Donald Trump based on contrived but similar circumstances, it’s reasonable to ask where were America’s intelligence agencies at the time?  Is this another case FBI of deliberate CIA and FBI malfeasance or was it part of a broader use of these agencies to advance agendas that aren’t in the best interests of Americans?

Did you ever wonder?

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Think about this for just a second; Stormy Daniels threatens Donald Trump and it’s the lede on every mainstream media platform but when

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We hear crickets from those same news outlets.  More disturbing than that is the DOJ lockdown on documents that can shed light on the FBI’s failures in protecting Americans

Home many more of their lies and false narratives are you prepared to accept?