WTF is Dianne Feinstein Doing Having Dinner With Iran’s Foreign Minister?

Politico:NEW … SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D-CALIF.) had dinner with IRANIAN FOREIGN MINISTER JAVAD ZARIF when he was in the United States a few weeks ago, several sources told us. Last week, Playbook reported that Feinstein was walking around the Capitol with Zarif’s contact information pulled up on her iPhone — we spotted it in an elevator… 

 … the United States and Iran are in the middle of a high-wire diplomatic and military staring contest. The United States has moved additional military resources into the region, and has indicated it has intelligence that the Iranians were readying to attack American interests in the region.

IT’S A BIT UNUSUAL THAT FEINSTEIN, the former chair and vice chair of the Intelligence Committee and a member of the Senate minority, is dining with the foreign minister of an adversary.

Opinion| The dinner with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, coming as it did, amid escalating U.S.-Iranian tensions should raise red flags about the fealty of the Democrat senator.

Feinstein becomes the second high-ranking Democrat to insinuate herself into the Trump administration’s harder-line negotiations with the radicalized Iranian regime.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry was the first former Obama administration official to openly implore our European allies and the Iranians to ignore President Trump’s policy towards the terrorist state in an attempt to save the Iranian nuclear deal.

Kerry openly defied the Logan Act when doing so.

It now appears that Sen. Feinstein has joined Kerry and is openly negotiating to block the foreign policy goals that Americans elected Donald Trump to carry out.  Trump was very clear about his strategy to deal with Iran during his campaign.

Feinstein has a tarnished history that calls into question with whom her allegiance lies.  It was only recently revealed that Feinstein had employed a Chinese national, for twenty years, who was spying for the communist nation.

A whole lot of legislation favorable to China passed through Senator Feinstein’s committee during that time.

The U.S. turned its back on the theft of U.S. corporate intellectual property, forced technology transfer from U.S. companies doing business in China, and losses of half a trillion dollars annually due to trade imbalances with the communist nation.

The fact that Feinstein met with Zarif at such a sensitive time between the two nations is not a good look.

Trump had withdrawn from the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran one year ago and then subsequently re-imposed sanctions on Tehran.

Following that, the U.S. named Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

Clearly, Trump was ramping up the heat on Iran as part of his negotiating plan.

Then, as Iran began ramping up tensions earlier this month by damaging ships passing through the Persian Gulf, the U.S. deployed a bomber squadron and an aircraft carrier to the region.

This raises the question as to the timing of Feinstein’s dinner with Zarif and the Iranian aggression in the Gulf.  Had Feinstein given certain assurances to Iran in exchange for dragging the president to war?

President Trump has clearly taken a hard line against Iran, the country that is widely regarded at the leading funder of terrorism in the world.

Kerry and Feinstein, by promising Iran that if they only wait for Trump’s removal, are undermining the foreign policy of a duly-elected president who had made his foreign policy intentions towards Iran very clear to voters.

This is another case of fatcat elites ignoring the voters in the interest of protecting their corrupt piggy banks.

It’s way past time to drain the swamp of the entrenched fossilized pols who have grown to consider themselves elite.