WTF??? It’s All Been Bullshit: Roger Stone Court Filing Forces DOJ to Admit FBI Never Saw DNC Server Crowdstrike Report

From January 7, 2017:

The more we learn about the alleged “Russian hacked our election” story the worse our intelligence community looks, especially the once vaunted F.B.I.

Its come to light that during its investigation into who hacked the Democratic National Committee’s server the F.B.I. never actually examined the server itself.  They were blocked from doing so by the DNC probably because the DNC feared that significant wrongdoing would be discovered in the process.

Regardless of the reason, the F.B.I. was forced to rely on the findings of a private security firm, Crowdstrike.

June 2017:

The fact that [FBI Director] Comey accepted Crowdstrike’s report and didn’t demand that the F.B.I. conduct its own examination is astounding.  Since when does the F.B.I. outsource investigations into intrusions that threaten our national security?


This marked the second time that Comey allowed the surrogates of a target of an F.B.I. criminal investigation to determine what evidence his agents would get to see.

The first was when he inexplicably gave immunity to every Clinton confidant questioned during the course of her email investigation and even allowed them to destroy their communication devices and all of the evidence that they might’ve contained.  If there were no incriminating evidence why would those devices have been destroyed?

OPINION| That was written two years ago.  Recent findings make Comey’s handling of the DNC server investigation even worse than originally thought.

Recently Roger Stone’s attorneys petitioned the court to view the full Crowdstrike report because he never believed the FBI’s determination that Russia was behind the hacking:

That petition has ended with the DOJ apparently admitting in its answer to the court that the FBI never saw the final, unredacted version of the Crowdstrike report.  

The FBI was only provided with a redacted draft of the report.

W-T-F!!!  Comey and, later, Special Counsel Robert Mueller never verified that Russians hacked the DNC server!!!

And still, that didn’t stop them from mobilizing the full powers of the intelligence community, along with their mainstream media propagandists, in an effort to destroy Donald Trump based on that unfounded contention.

The Russian hacking narrative was always somewhat unbelievable, without any evidence to support it… only the word of the same anti-Trump operatives intent on destroying his presidency.  It got repeated so often that it became accepted as fact.

Renowned cyber security John McAfee never believed that Russia was behind the hacking and gave his reasons why, even before Trump had taken the oath of office.

Not only did Comey and Mueller blame Russia for hacking the DNC server without any evidence, they never considered it important to question Julian Assange who they alleged served as the conduit for Russia, but who has steadfastly denied those claims.

Without Russia to blame their entire three-year investigation has no basis in fact and was without merit.  It was indeed a witch-hunt. And an ordeal that robbed the American people of more than two years of a fully-engaged Trump presidency.

There’s far more to this story than we’ve been told.

What was Comey and, later, Mueller hiding that was so damaging to those they were protecting, that they created a false construct to remove a sitting president in order to keep from being discovered?