World’s Elite Cowering in Fear as Trump Directs the Republican Party Back to Our Founding Principles

ELDER PATRIOT – As Republicans gather in Cleveland to finish the business of officially naming Donald Trump their nominee for president this week, it has become acutely clear that the Republican Party is now the Party of Trump.

The platform that was agreed to during the past week stands as evidence that Donald Trump has now taken full control of the Republican Party.  No longer will the Republican Party stand with the proponents of unfettered immigration, one-sided trade deals that were anything but free for the American people, and cutting social security benefits for those that paid into the government’s fraudulent scheme their entire working lives.  Trump’s Republican Party will build protective walls when and where necessary (as so many elites have done around their homes,) demand truly free trade deals that give American manufacturers a level playing field on which to compete, and it will honor its fiduciary commitment to American taxpayers when they reach retirement age.

Most significantly, through force of character and resolute commitment to common sense reasoning, Trump has freed the party from the shackles of political correctness that has for too long convoluted and tilted our country’s political debate.

Gone is Mitt Romney who only four years ago claimed the title of party leader and then resorted to run a feckless campaign, devoid of principle, that was roundly rejected by the American people.  Romney’s campaign was so sickeningly weak that it raises the question whether he wanted to lose in order the allow Barack Obama and the Democrats to be the ones blamed for advancing the Globalist agenda so as not to damage what was remaining of the Republican brand.

Gone are the Bushes, H.W. and W., who were the party’s only two presidents over the past 28 years and who where the architects of the “New World Order.”  Jeb, who began this process with $150 million and the backing of the Global elites, and who expected to carry on the Bush’s globalization of America won’t be attending either.

Romney and the Bushes have decided to stay home rather than attend the convention where they would be forced to sit through four nights of speeches repudiating their policies and their intentions from what is now the Party of Trump.  Their gig is up, having been fully exposed and discredited by Trump’s common sense explanations.

Likewise, Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich, who should be serving as the host, has decided to boycott the convention.  Many of us felt that Kasich better fit the Democratic Party during the course of his campaign, anyway.  Kasich admitted as much when he said, “I ought to be running in a Democrat primary, I got more Democrats for me.”

While the highest-ranking #NeverTrump leadership will be home trying to figure out where it all went wrong, there will still be some within the movement forced to be present to save their jobs.

Most notable among the #NeverTrump crowd that will be at the convention is Paul Ryan.  The haughty Speaker of the House, who made a futile attempt to present his own agenda that was in conflict with the one Trump and his supporters forced upon the party, must now close ranks around the party’s nominee because he is under a very real primary threat from challenger Paul Nehlen.  Ryan’s once insurmountable 80% voter support has plummeted to 42% threatening him with the same extinction as Eric Cantor – his once governing sidekick – suffered only two years ago.

Ryan is now trying to save his re-election chances by calling for improved border security only six months after funding every Obama open borders initiative.  The complete story is available from

Finally, among those jettisoned from the convention (and the party) are the blood-sucking lobbyists and political consultants who have grown a sizable cottage industry getting fat on your campaign contributions.  And, they have taken their toxic influence with them.  Good riddance.

Some still remain opposed to Trump and the issues that now define the Republican Party, but when the Republican National Convention convenes late Thursday night the last vestiges of the #NeverTrump movement will have been purged or at the least, so greatly marginalized as to be insignificant.  The Beau Corrells of the world will climb back under the rock that they emerged from.

By every measure, the Republican Party now belongs to Donald Trump.  The winners are the American workers who have long been shunted by both political parties.  Republican and Democrat elites had together systematically chosen to ignore the suffering caused to families by eight consecutive years of declining incomes and purchasing power and to instead divide the electorate over issues of relatively minimal importance in comparison to those of the Trump agenda.

When the world awakens on Friday morning the fault lines of this election will be defined.  Trump will move forward discussing what’s most important to the economic vitality of working men and women in this country and what is required in keeping their families safe.  Trump will own the middle ground leaving Hillary Clinton to expound on the need for more socialism in order to shore up her non-working voter base, how less immigration control will make America a safer place, and explaining why it matters so much that we have a female president that voters should vote against their family’s self-interests.