ELDER PATRIOT – After meeting with President-elect Trump to discuss strategy following his election, Dr. Sebastian Gorka flatly stated that, “The era of the pajama boy is over on January 20th, and the alpha males are back.”

“The fact is, this is all going to end on January the 21st. Our foreign policy has been a disaster. We’ve neglected and abandoned our allies. We’ve emboldened our enemies,” Gorka said.

Gorka was of course referring to President Obama and the corrupt, and/or ideologically Marxist, social justice warriors, or just feckless people that composed his cabinet.

After the past 24 hours it appears Gorka’s assessment was correct on two fronts.  Trump has surrounded himself with some ass-kicking alpha personalities, and President Trump’s own hard-baked insistence that the American people always comes first is being heard loud and clear by our enemies.  It should be noted that our allies are not blind to what’s happening either.

While Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was busy yesterday realigning the priorities of the finance ministers and central bankers at a meeting of the world’s 20 top economies so that they are now completely in line with Trump’s America First agenda, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was delivering a stern message to China at virtually the same time.

President Trump has grown increasingly irritated by China’s refusal to reign in North Korea’s rogue government that is in pursuit of nuclear weapons and are developing the ballistic missiles necessary to deliver them. 

Trump’s impatience has been heightened by China’s refusal to comply with U.N. sanctions barring trade with North Korea.

This led Secretary Tillerson to announce to the world prior to his meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi that every option is on the table including the use of military force to prevent North Korea from ever attaining nuclear weapons capability.

There is no doubt that this got the attention of the Chinese communists who have convinced themselves that the Pacific rim is their personal property.

Then, during the meeting Secretary Tillerson told China that either they can continue their support of North Korea or they can continue to have access to U.S. markets, not both.  The hard-nosed negotiator also reminded China how severely they would suffer if a coalition of free countries ceased doing business with the communist regime and/or cut off banking ties with Beijing.

Compare this to the work of feckless ideologue John Kerry who not only cleared the path for a nuclearized Iran but also gave them more than $150 Billion to complete the development of those WMD’s.


If body language means anything the picture above shows just how contrite Tillerson’s Chinese counterpart was.  In a face-saving move Foreign Minister Wang Yi described the talks with Tillerson as “candid, pragmatic and productive”.

Wang then added that he and Tillerson “both hope to find ways to restart the talks”.

Back in that December interview with Sean Hannity, Gorka was asked, “What will be different?”

Gorka never hesitated: “Everything.  It’s not going to be just wagging your finger, or sending Samantha Power to the U.N. to shout…”

Now the world knows what Gorka knew back then, the days of elected and appointed stooges selling out the United State are over.