In a World of Fake News These Five Narratives Were the Most Dangerous

Elder Patriot – Anyone who does research on a daily basis like I do recognizes that irresponsible narratives do indeed exist and that they threaten our democracy by providing fodder for those who would rather not believe the truth because the challenge that it poses to their pre-conceived worldview is too discomforting.

Some contrived stories simply muddy the waters and are designed to confuse the national dialogue.  Others, however, rise to another level where they actually do damage to the workings of government,

As an example, once Barack Obama took the oath of office as president the issue of his birth certificate was a distraction.  On the other hand, the issue of nuclearizing Iran and shipping billions of dollars in cash on cargo planes to the world’s leading funder of terrorism was a major story that threatened the safety of free people everywhere.  For the most part the significance of this massive threat was whitewashed.

It is in this vein that we examine the five most critical Fake News stories of the past year and who was responsible for spreading them:

The Economy

The big lie: The American economy would never again grow at a 3% rate and American manufacturers would never be able to compete in the global economy.

Responsible: The mainstream media, especially for parading a plethora of “investment experts” across our television screens whose portfolios benefitted from America’s economic decline.


The big lie: Immigrants benefit the nation’s economy because they do work that Americans won’t do.

Responsible: The mainstream media, Democrats, corporate moguls, portfolio managers, and complicit RINOs who defended the stagnant – and in many cases shrinking – median family income because the lower wages paid to foreign workers increased the profits of their corporate owners and drove their stock prices higher.  Taxpayers were made to subsidize the growing profits of these corporations as American workers were forced onto Welfare, food stamps, etc.

Trump is Hitler

The big lie: Trump is racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic, and xenophobic.

Responsible: The mainstream media, despicable Dems who trust that the more you repeat a lie the greater the chances are people will believe it, and complicit Republicans who are opposed to the president’s America First agenda that had been the agenda shared by Ronald Reagan and every president until and including Richard Nixon.

Discrediting Trump, with accusations that people who have dealt with him will tell you are untrue, is intended to bolster the Left’s ability to stifle legitimate debate by restoring political correctness.  Ask yourself, with all of those charging him with being a white supremacist have any credible people from his past come forward to make or confirm those charges?

Antifa is Fighting Right Wing Hatred and Violence

The big lie: Antifa is comprised of concerned citizens trying to shut down hate speech.

Responsible:  The mainstream media, the entire Democratic coalition, and Republicans who remained silent as the MSM skewered President Trump for refusing to allow the radical and violent Antifa movement a free pass after Charlottesville.  This became obvious a few weeks later when the Justice Department could no longer deny the truth and classified Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Antifa is every bit as despicable as the KKK but much is more heavily funded.  This makes Antifa more dangerous to American democracy as al Qaeda, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and CAIR combined.

And now, here is our choice for the most damaging Fake News story of the year:

Trump Colluded With Russia

The big lie: Trump conspired with Russia to corrupt our electoral process.

Responsible:  The mainstream media, the entire Democratic coalition, and Republicans who remained silent to paint the most patriotic president in the past three decades as a pinko collaborator and to obscure Obama and Clinton’s gross incompetence, even direct complicity in the face of Russian aggression.

There’s a single common thread through the most serious fake news stories of the past year.  The mainstream media has been complicit in every instance.

Any fake news coming from the alternative media simply can’t compare in scope and significance to these false narratives.  These five stories strike at the very core of our ability to conduct the debate necessary to move our republic forward.

Is there any wonder why the overwhelming majority of Americans now dismiss the mainstream media as a credible source of information.