You Won’t Believe What One Man Was Able to Accomplish After He Lost $916 Million in a Single Year

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton is running around America attempting to discredit Donald Trump for not paying taxes after he suffered a $916 million loss in 1995.  It’s a great strategy for those who can’t think past one plus one.  But for people who give even slightly greater consideration to Trump’s situation there is a fantastic story to be told of what this man can accomplish for America.

In 1995 Hillary Clinton was the co-president (just ask her or husband) of Bill Clinton.  At the beginning of that year our national debt was just under $5 trillion dollars.  Since that time Hillary Clinton has continued being a leading advocate of Keynesian economics claiming that higher taxes and increased government spending can spur economic vitality.

As a result of the massive expansion of government that Mrs. Clinton has consistently supported and continues to make a cornerstone of her campaign, our debt has grown four-fold and will surpass $20 trillion by the time the next president enters office.

What about the promised economic growth?  The U.S. economy is growing at half the rate that the rest of the world is growing at, chugging along at an annual rate under two percent and threatening to crash under the weight of all that debt if the Fed were to raise interest rates even a quarter point.

What about Donald Trump’s financial condition since he suffered that huge loss when the Clinton economy caused real estate values to crash in 1995?  Today, even modest estimates of Trump’s net worth are fixed at $3.7 billion.

Mrs. Clinton is screeching that because of his 1995 losses he didn’t pay taxes for 18 years.  It was completely legal under tax laws but it tells an even bigger story.

Free from paying taxes for 18 years, Donald Trump was able to reverse his fortunes and build an empire that today is worth at least four times the debt he had accumulated 21 years ago. 

How did Hillary’s Keynesian approach work over the same period of time?  Our national debt is now four times what it was leaving every American income taxpayer owing in excess of $235,000.

If ever there was proof that you cannot tax your way to prosperity this is it.  Yet, Mrs. Clinton is campaigning on expanding a government that we already can’t pay for and using that as an excuse for raising taxes even further.  Whoa, what was Einstein’s definition of insanity?

What makes her economic platform even more difficult to defend is that her opponent’s story perfectly illustrates what can be accomplished when an individual is free from paying taxes.  Donald Trump didn’t just build his personal wealth, according to CNN/Money he created 23,000 jobs paying way more than baristas earn.  CNN/Money estimated that an additional 11,000 jobs were created by the increased economic vitality as a result of Trump’s success.

Donald Trump is now running on a platform to help all Americans achieve the American dream, as the Founding Fathers envisioned it to be and that they sacrificed so greatly to provide for us.

Because Trump is not a career politician he has not honed the etiquette that those handcuffed by political correctness require of their candidates.  More’s the pity for them as they continue backing the slick snake oil salesmen of the establishment.  If only they’d open their eyes and see that they are worse off today than they were 21 years ago.  From the beginning Donald Trump said he had no time for political correctness, that he was running to fix things.

Donald Trump is running to bring the roadmap of his success to every American.  He is running to lower taxes and open the door to opportunity inside of every American community and for every American who is willing to reach for it.  Unlike every career politician he has run against he has actually rebuilt communities, not just talked about it from an ivory tower at election time.   

Unlike every member of Washington’s political elite he has actually turned a huge loss into incredible wealth.  What could he do for America?

Trump’s story shows us what freedom looks like.  This is what Hillary Clinton is running against.