Wonder What America Would Look Like After Another Clinton Presidency? Check Out Haiti

ELDER PATRIOT – Haiti is a poor nation and its citizens are dying on its streets.  Thanks to Team Clinton that isn’t going to change.

In 2010 Haiti suffered a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that left one side of the island nation devastated. 

27 Feb 2010, Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Destroyed homes in downtown in Port Au Prince Jan 12th Earthquake Aftermath, Port Au Prince, Haiti --- Image by © Cameron Davidson/Corbis
27 Feb 2010, Port-au-Prince, Haiti — Destroyed homes in downtown in Port Au Prince Jan 12th Earthquake Aftermath, Port Au Prince, Haiti — Image by © Cameron Davidson/Corbis

Bill Clinton, ever eyeing the opportunity to defraud people out of their money sprang into action and organized a Haitian relief fund and recruited George H.W. Bush to provide the appearance of bi-partisanship and legitimacy.

Together they raised $2 Billion from Americans who wanted to help their Haitian brothers and sisters in whatever way they could.  The trust these Americans’ put behind the Clintons and Bush was poorly placed.  We now know only about $100 Million (5%) made it’s way to the relief effort.

But that was only Bill’s contribution to the Clinton’s wealth.  Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State during this time putting her in charge of the allocation of U.S. aid to the suffering island nation.

And, true to form, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “sold” virtually every no bid contract to entities that made large, very large, donations to the Clinton Foundation

The suffering Haitians received very little as the companies that were awarded the contracts by Hillary spent the money on the unaffected side of the island where they could enjoy a quick return on their investments.

Fast forward to today.  Haitians were again the victims of a natural disaster, this time from Hurricane Matthew.  Haitians are today literally dying in the streets from starvation, dehydration and cholera. 


It’s as though God has given the Clinton’s an opportunity for redemption but they are nowhere to be seen.  For the poor Haitian survivors there’s nothing left for the Clinton’s to sell to their friends.  Even the positive optics that making an effort to help now might help her win an election isn’t enough for them to part with any of their “hard-earned” money.

They came to Washington in 1992 and started defrauding America and Americans almost immediately.  It began with small things like selling a night’s stay in the Lincoln bedroom and evolved into selling state secrets on nuclear missile technology to the Communist Chinese in exchange for campaign donations, authorizing the sale of 20% of our Uranium stockpile to Russia in exchange for “donations” made to the Clinton Foundation, and starting a war in Syria for the benefit of her Saudi donors so that the Saudis could build an oil pipeline to deliver their oil more efficiently to the profitable European markets. 

Along the way they have left a geopolitical disaster in their wake along with hundreds of thousands of dead human beings dead around the world and millions more suffering.

Through it all the Clintons have become two of the most powerful figures in the world.  Now they are asking you to trust them one more time.

Ask the people of Haiti, Syria, and Iraq how that’s worked out for them.  Ask America’s inner city Blacks how they benefitted from a quarter century of Clinton “help.”

There’s an old saying, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”