Woke America: President Trump’s Approval Hits Highest Level Yet

(Gallup) President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has risen to 49%, his highest in Gallup polling since he took office in 2017…

…Trump’s approval rating has risen because of higher ratings among both Republicans and independents. His 94% approval rating among Republicans is up six percentage points from early January and is three points higher than his previous best among his fellow partisans. The 42% approval rating among independents is up five points, and ties three other polls as his best among that group. 

Add to these numbers the fact that lifelong rank and file Democrats lack excitement over the current crop of presidential candidates and President Trump’s reelection seems to be more certain than ever.

(Breitbart) This indicates that the Iowa Democrat Caucus turnout will be well behind Obama 2008 levels when nearly 240,000 voters showed up to caucus. The turnout will be closer to that of 2004 when about 124,000 voters showed up to caucus in Iowa.

Likewise, a CBS News entrance poll reveals that only about 32 percent of Iowa caucus voters were caucusing for the first time, while nearly seven-in-ten caucus voters had previously caucused — indicating a low level of enthusiasm among younger generations in the state for the 2020 Democrat candidates.

But the bad news for America’s new openly Marxist party kept coming when CBS News revealed an entrance poll showing just how disaffected younger voters are with the party: