Will Tomorrow’s Vote Prove Democrats Are Now the Party of the United Nations?

ELDER PATRIOT – House Democrats will be voting for their leader tomorrow and the result will tell us whether they are content being an opposition party in decline or whether they still desire to be a major political force that is focused on working towards an economically powerful United States that still recognizes that hard work should result in prosperity.   

Democratic house members will be choosing between their current leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and backbencher Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio.)  Pelosi has held the Democrats’ leadership position since 2003.  Under her direction Democrats have been in the minority the last six years as they will be for at least the next two years. 

Regardless, the hard left (some would say radical) Pelosi is the heavy favorite to retain power tomorrow.  In light of the message from the recent election Pelosi’s support of open borders, higher taxes and an even larger federal government should make her the underdog.  It doesn’t.

The reason that she is considered the heavy favorite was explained by a former aide, “Leader Pelosi is an incredibly strong fundraiser, she’s an incredibly dynamic leader, she gets out there and gets the caucus to do things together that most other leaders would have a very hard time doing.”  Things like finding the votes needed to pass the disastrous failed legislation that is commonly called Obamacare

Her challenger Tim Ryan rightfully dismisses her fundraising skills as a legitimate reason to return her to power.  Ryan recently told an interviewer, “If money was the answer, Hillary Clinton would be president and we would be in charge of the House of Representatives right now.”

Under Pelosi the Democrats have become the party that represents the interests of immigrants, people relying on government aide, and the super rich looking for even more corporate welfare.  That’s not a coalition that engenders hope for a middle class that is growing in both size and prosperity.

Ryan realizes this and is determined to try to save his party from marginalizing itself even more – aside from still controlling a dwindling minority of states they have ceded control of every branch of the federal government to the Republicans – and in the process restore reasonable issue-oriented debate to congress rather than the emotionally charged hyperbole that Democrats currently put forth in defense of their decidedly un-American agenda.

Ryan has it right when he says, “We have got to have the right messenger.  We have got to have someone who cannot just go on MSNBC, but go on Fox and Fox Business and CNBC and go into union halls and fish fries and churches all over the country and start a brush fire about what a new Democratic Party looks like.”

Ryan’s message is one of hope, not so much for the Democratic Party but for the entire country.

Working in Ryan’s favor is the fact that tomorrow’s vote will be conducted by secret ballot allowing Democrats to vote their conscience without fear of reprisal from the vindictive Pelosi.

Aside from giving Ryan a fighting chance to upset Pelosi, the results of tomorrow’s secret ballot will provide insight into whether the party desires a return to fighting for hardworking Americans or whether it confirms that the Democrats been permanently radicalized and will continue to be intent on ignoring the welfare of America’s working class.

By tomorrow night we’ll know if the Democratic Party has officially declared itself to be the party of the United Nations.