When Will They Learn? 730th Media Impeachment Sellout. Yawn.

Elder Patriot – In football it’s called selling out when a team runs an all out blitz.  That’s what we witnessed yesterday for about the 730th time of the two-year-old Trump presidency.

Yesterday, in a laughably inane attempt to cloak their bias as “reporting,” we saw the merging of Fake News and entertainment.

The RNC released a short compilation of the Trump resistance media running roughshod over known facts in jubilation that this was finally “it,” Trump was done, start the impeachment hearings.  Yada, yada, yada.

In fact, the video could’ve run for twenty-four hours or more because this was all multiple “news” outlets breathlessly reported for the entire day until…


BTW, During an interview with Lou Dobbs last night, Joe DiGenova pointed to the fact that this is the first time the special counsel has efforted to discount a Fake News report.  Joe D., attributed this to Trump’s no nonsense, attorney general in waiting, William Barr, who the special counsel does not want to cross.