Wikileaks Exposes Vast Global Conspiracy to Elect Hillary Clinton in Order to Gain Control Over the United States

ELDER PATRIOT –  Two unlikely bedfellows have joined together in an attempt to save Americans from the oppression of world government.  Their paths have been different and they have never met but God has presented them to us at a most important time.

Julian Assange and Donald Trump have never spoken with each other but they have become partners in saving America from a vast global conspiracy that intends to end what’s left of free-market capitalism and America’s national identity.  And with it, end the premise of personal freedom forever.

We have only recently learned the extent of this global conspiracy that includes the United Nations, the Republican elites including every living past president and presidential candidate save Bob Dole that have declared themselves #NeverTrump as well as Paul Ryan, the entire Democratic Party, international bankers, corporate titans, most of the world’s billionaires, and the mainstream media.

Assange has chosen to live holed up in a small room in the Ecuadorian embassy for four and half years so that he might expose the extent that our government has been corrupted at the hands of Hillary Clinton.  While it originally appeared that Assange might be a traitor it has now become clear that he is a patriot displaying as high a degree of courage and sacrifice as anyone in our country’s history.

Over that same time period, Donald Trump was living the good life as a successful businessman who counted many of the elites who now oppose him among his friends.  For Trump, much of what he watched unfolding didn’t make sense and in June of 2015 he decided to do something about it by committing his own money to challenge the failing and corrupt status quo.  As we now know Trump’s life is under constant threat, business partners have deserted him, and the entire political system is aligned against him.

Trump’s ascendancy has Republican leadership disavowing his candidacy in what can only be interpreted as their lack of commitment to every policy they have ever run on.  The reason?  A Trump presidency threatens to dismantle the grip over United States policy that the globalists currently have and are planning to make permanently under a Clinton administration. 

Republican #NeverTrumpers exposed themselves as part of this global conspiracy by trying to derail Trump’s candidacy.  They realize that a Clinton victory would result in a complete capitulation on virtually every plank of the Republican platform once Mrs. Clinton has appointed even a single Supreme Court justice.  Yet they insist on undermining Trump.

The vast majority of Americans have become awakened and that has caused the mainstream media to avoid reporting on Mrs. Clinton’s problematic and corrupt behavior or write twisted explanations when they can no longer avoid accounting for her actions. 

Never in our nation’s long history has the media refused to report on information because of its source yet they are doing exactly that with the Wikileaks releases claiming that Russia is behind it.  There is absolutely no proof of this but still the MSM have reported the claims of Russian involvement as though it has been proven to be the truth. 

Even if Russia were proved to be involved with Wikileaks what difference would it make, the veracity of the leaks is not in question.

Recently the MSM has taken to releasing fraudulent polls to create a glide path to believability if Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson is successful in stealing the election with the help of 500 strategically placed U.N. “observers.”

If you don’t believe this is happening ask yourself why The United Nations News Centre — the official U.N. news service — tweeted, a call for “8 million Americans abroad” to “stop Trump.”

If you believe that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan your life for you better than you can plan it yourself the threat of this vast global conspiracy means little.  If, on the other hand, you believe in your own capacity to make your own decisions in shaping your life then you should be frightened of handing the reins of power to Hillary Clinton.

History, when written by the progressive elite, may not be kind to either Assange or Trump but there can be no questioning their courage and commitment to America’s Founding Principles.