Wikileaks Exposes Clinton’s Ties to Russia! WTF?

ELDER PATRIOT – During the second debate Hillary Clinton demanded that Donald Trump release his tax returns because he may be indebted to Russia through loans or, perhaps the potential of future business opportunities with them:

Clinton: “And WikiLeaks is part of that as are other sites where the Russians hack information, we don’t even know if it’s accurate information and then they put it out. We have never in the history of our country been in a situation where an adversary, a foreign power, is working so hard to influence the outcome of the election, and believe, they’re not doing it to get me elected. They are doing it to try to influence the election for Donald Trump. Now, maybe because he praised Putin, maybe because he says he agrees with a lot of what Putin wants to do, maybe because he wants to do business in Moscow. I don’t know the reasons, but we deserve answers, and should demand that Donald release all of his tax returns so that people can see what are the entanglements and the financial relationships—“

In this one statement Hillary Clinton’s showed herself to be so irresponsible and willing to spread innuendo (outright lies?) that this alone should disqualify her as a candidate.  Here’s why:

  • No connection between the Russians and any of the hacked emails has been established.  More importantly, Mrs. Clinton should’ve been aware of the threat from hackers a long time ago.  Hacking has been going on since the inception of the Internet and for her to act like this is something new that she has just become aware of reveals a level of ignorance, naïveté, or deception that should disqualify her for any job that requires a security clearance.
  • Mrs. Clinton then suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to influence our election.  If she had any proof of that the debate was the time to make it public.  The moderators also neglected to ask Hillary whether she participated in Obama’s attempt to depose Benjamin Netanyahu in the most recent Israeli election., whether she was aware that it was going on, and if not why not? 
  • Instead, Clinton then cavalierly tossed out a series of potential reasons that might lead Putin to want to influence our election, again without a shred of evidence.   She did this to provide fodder for her lackeys in the media to pick up on and repeat.  Which they have done.
  • Finally, she used this unsubstantiated narrative to demand Donald Trump’s tax returns to prove that no connection between him and Putin exists.

As we learned in previous Wikileaks release, Mrs. Clinton holds everyday Americans in contempt so she wasn’t counting on the truth about her ties to the Russians being discovered.  But we now have proof that she is the one with direct ties to Vladimir Putin thanks to this email released by Wikileaks just yesterday:

PUTIN CLINTON 1-57a7f2581a

John Podesta, her campaign chairman, sat on the executive board of Joule Unlimited that received millions of dollars from a Russian government fund that Putin controls.  Podesta also received 75,000 common shares that he later transferred to a holding company, Leonidio, LLC presumably to hide his ownership interest in Joule.

This means that John Podesta who served as Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and is running Hillary Clinton’s campaign will most likely have a prominent role in a Hillary Clinton presidency where he would have enormous influence in shaping our energy policy to the benefit of Russia. 

Any benefit to the Russian energy sector, in turn, would drive the value of Podesta’s stock higher.

As treasonous as this is, it should come as no surprise to anyone who hasn’t yet drank the mainstream media’s Kool-Aid.  This follows the same pattern the Clinton’s have employed since they first sold access to the Lincoln bedroom.  They have repeatedly sold U.S. secrets and adjusted U.S. policy in exchange for their personal financial enrichment using similar money laundering schemes.

If the mainstream media is truly worried about a candidate having ties to Russia, how about asking Hillary to explain why she allowed the sale of 20% of our Uranium stockpile to them that has provided the fuel to greatly enhance and modernize their nuclear weapons program? 

Mrs. Clinton has admitted to having extensive relations with Vladimir Putin.  She even bragged of the time she spent in her inner sanctum.  This can only lead to the conclusion that, either she’s the least perceptive person on earth for not recognizing Putin’s intentions or, she’s relying on Putin to stand aside while she trashes him so that they can resume and expand their financial shenanigans after she is elected. Both reasons should end her candidacy.

It simply defies credulity that after Mrs. Clinton’s long history in Washington she is just now learning that hacking is going on and that Russia may be working against our interests.