Wikileaks: Clinton Admits “Refugees Can’t Possibly Be Vetted”

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton has been making or influencing public policy for three decades that’s why the difference between her public and private comments, when compared to the policies she’s implemented or supported, becomes so revealing.

On October 28, 2013 Mrs. Clinton gave a speech at the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago’s Vanguard Luncheon.  Admission to the closed door speech was restricted to the organization’s most prolific donors.  The speech netted Mrs. Clinton a tidy $400,000.

Today, thanks to yesterday’s Wikileaks dump we are able to report Mrs. Clinton’s statements to the group that she had refused to release on her own when asked.

“…there’s a discussion going on now across the region to try to see where there might be common ground to deal with the threat posed by extremism and particularly with Syria which has everyone quite worried, Jordan because it’s on their border and they have hundreds of thousands of refugees and they can’t possibly vet all those refugees so they don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees. Turkey for the same reason.”

WTF?  If Mrs. Clinton knows that there is no way to “possibly vet all those refugees” why has she proposed raising the amount she’ll admit through executive order by 550%?

Could it be for the same reason her largest donors have given $1 billion dollars to Black Lives Matter?  Intentional or not, she is laying the foundation for widespread civil unrest across the broad spectrum of our society. 

After examining the Wikileaks revelation, Breitbart News asked the Clinton campaign to reconcile the differences between Secretary Clinton’s 2013 private remarks, where she said Syrian refugees “can’t possibly” be vetted, to her 2015 and 2016 campaign claims that “vigilant” screening and “vetting” of “refugees from Syria, guided by the best judgment of our security and diplomatic professionals,” will be sufficient to safeguard American citizens from “jihadists coming in along with legitimate refugees,” but there has not yet been a response.

We also asked the Clinton campaign to explain if Secretary Clinton believes the United States has unique vetting capabilities superior to those of Jordan, which enable us to successfully vet Syrian refugees; she admits we cannot. – H/T Breitbart

The last question that Breitbart asked of the Clinton campaign is of particular interest in light of the recent revelations that the NSA currently conducts the most extensive spying operation the world has ever seen – far more intense and thorough than the most totalitarian regimes on earth – right here in the United States on its own citizens.  It’s so comprehensive that the corporations and banks that are linked to it can individualize the advertising specifically to you on the websites you visit in real time or, approve a mortgage in a matter of minutes.

Mrs. Clinton has taken to telling us that things are different now because the current crop of Syrian refugees are being vetted over a period of 18-24 months.  Does anybody believe this is true?  Even if it is true what can we possibly learn about a person over the extended period of time that we didn’t know within the first few hours?

Her contention that the additional time somehow matters is reminiscent of the first presidential debate when she boldly declared that her three decades in Washington qualified her to president.  That declaration had this writer wondering if she would consider Bernie Madoff for treasury secretary.