Who Voted For These Fools? House Democrats Threatening Second Impeachment of President Trump

House Democrats have advised the Supreme Court that they are again in the midst of an “ongoing presidential impeachment investigation.”

Democrats are renewing their demand for redacted grand-jury material from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s long-completed Russia probe in an attempt to uncover some piece of evidence on which to build a case.

Mueller took 22 months, and ran through $40 million, trying to build a prosecutable obstruction case and came up empty.  Now the morbidly obese… and short… really short Jerrold Nadler wants another bite at the impeachment apple.

The special counsel had the authority to prosecute if he found enough evidence to but he decided there was not enough evidence to do so.  

 Regardless Democrats, who have no platform other than to remove our duly elected president by any means necessary, can’t give it up

Democrats claimed that redactions in Mueller’s report must have hidden relevant information. They declined to read a less redacted version. 

House Dems also demanded access to material that Mueller had presented to a grand jury. Normally grand jury proceedings are secret so as to protect defendants who are ultimately found to be innocent.

When Attorney General William Barr declined the Democrats’ request they held him in contempt of Congress, and took their case for the materials to federal court.

The case made its way through the courts, and Democrats finally found a sympathetic (partisan) D.C. Circuit that decided 2-1 in their favor. 

The Department of Justice appealed to the Supreme Court and the DOJ filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court to temporarily block the order by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The DOJ argued that Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e) protects the secrecy of grand-jury materials and that the exception allowing the disclosure “preliminarily to or in connection with a judicial proceeding” didn’t apply, especially given Trump’s acquittal by the Senate in an impeachment trial earlier this year.

“When the facts are on your side, pound the facts. When the law is on your side, pound the law. When neither is on your side, pound impeachment.”