White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Liars Lying to Liars About Not Being Liars

ELDER PATRIOT- While President Trump was in Pennsylvania last night being cheered by an overflow crowd of more than 11,000 supporters for the accomplishments of his first 100 days, the mainstream establishment media held a dinner in relative seclusion.

Presidents normally attend this dinner where supposedly benign barbs are traded between the president and members of the White House Press Corps but after being savaged by the mainstream establishment media ever since he won his party’s nomination, Trump decided he’d rather be elsewhere and scheduled a campaign-style rally in Harrisburg.

While Trump was being cheered by a large and diverse crowd, one hundred and twenty miles away, White House Correspondents’ Association president Jeff Mason felt it necessary to tell the mainstream establishment media that the mainstream establishment media was not “Fake News.”   

That Mason’s felt it was necessary to tell a roomful of propagandists that they weren’t propagandists was hilarious.

But Mason didn’t stop there and kept trying to justify the MSEM’s relentless assault on President Trump buoyed by the fact that he was talking to a gathering of “news people” that have been serving as frontline soldiers in that war: “It is our job to report on facts and to hold leaders accountable. That is who we are. We are not fake news.  We are not failing news organizations and we are not the enemy of the American people.”

Uh..yeah.  After eight years of fawning over Obama it was striking how fast they rediscovered the ability to ask tough questions.  Especially since they could never think of one to ask Hillary during the presidential campaign, either.  Uranium?  Emails?  Clinton Foundation?  Apparently they were too busy investigating Trump’s ties to Russia.

The American people are on to the MSEM and its campaign of deceit.  According to a recent Morning Consult poll, only 29% still trust the national political media.  Not surprisingly that number closely mirrors the 28% of Americans who still believe that the Democratic Party is “in touch with their concerns.”  That was revealed by an ABC/Washington Post poll.

If one were prone to conspiracy theories they could point to this correlation as proof that the MSEM is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.  Or, perhaps they are both partners of the Globalist/Marxist elites.