While CV Incubated, China Banned Domestic Travel From Wuhan and Bought Up the World’s Supply of PPE… Pro-China Media Roasts President Trump

Question… if President Trump ended his nightly coronavirus updates by fielding questions from actual Chinese Communist Party attack dogs would they be any more propaganda based, disingenuous or belittling?  Could they be?

It’s become abundantly clear the White House Correspondents Association and the Chinese Communist Party have two things in common… They both hate President Trump and they both want him stripped of power.

Watching the so-called American mainstream media’s nightly assault on our president is beyond embarrassing… it raises questions as to why they have abandoned any semblance of objectivity.

To his credit, President Trump stands there night after night giving as well as he takes.  The media’s “get Trump” obsession might even be tolerable if the allegations of ineptitude were founded in even a modicum of truth… but, they’re not.

On January 31st, before the United States had 8 diagnosed cases of coronavirus and no deaths, a virus that originated in Wuhan China, Trump ordered a ban on flights from coming from China.

Again with no more than eight cases having been identified, President Trump acted swiftly and decisively…

Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency on January 31st… while Democrats were urging their constituents to press the flesh at events celebrating the Chinese New Year and Mardi Gras…

Funny that!  Eh, not so much.

As late as March 11th, Democrats were trying to strip President Trump of his right to ban travel from coronavirus hotspots… presumably to reverse that decision.

That is no longer the story Democrats want the public to hear… so their allied media attack Trump for not having done enough even though they know there’s no truth to the claim.

What was China doing while Trump was shutting down travel and declaring a national health emergency?  

White House manufacturing and trade adviser Peter Navarro appeared on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ with Maria Bartiromo yesterday.  Navarro’s main focus is making sure the American people have access to personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, and other essentials .

What Navarro told viewers about his experience was shocking.

“First of all the virus was spawned in China.  Second of all they hid the virus behind the shield of the World Health Organization.  The third thing they did was basically hoard PPE and now they’re profiteering from it.”

China developed the virus.  China incubated the virus. China bought up the world’s supply of PPE.  China knowingly spread the virus. Now China is profiteering from the control of the world’s PPE market.

 Oh, and knowing the virus was spreading, China shut down domestic travel to and from Wuhan, but did NOT stop international flights to and from Wuhan!!!

The media knows all of this… there is no doubt about that.  So tell me again what the difference is between the Chinese Communist’s control over their media and their control over ours?  Or, the Democrat Party?