What’s the Difference Between a Community Organizer in Chief and a Master Negotiator in Chief?

ELDER PATRIOT – No one knows for sure what the answer will be but it’s beginning to look like trillions of dollars.  Barack recklessly spent taxpayer money.  Now it’s possible Trump will present a balanced budget by his first term.

Corporate cronyism had become so accepted under previous presidents that corporations liberally spent on campaign contributions knowing they would be able to charge anything they wanted when it came time to submit bids for government contracts.  Well those days are over thanks to Donald Trump.

Trump served notice on both Boeing and Lockheed Martin earlier this week that the gravy train was over.  They were told to bring their prices into line or they would be replaced.

First Trump called out Boeing for trying to charge $4 billion for the new Air Force One contract.  The president-elect has been buying planes for decades and even owned an airline at one time.  He’s not about to allow America’s taxpayers to overpay for aircraft any longer, especially when it’s scheduled to be built by Hillary’s largest corporate donor.

Trump summoned Boeing’s CEO to Trump Tower and by the time he left he had agreed to cut the cost by as much as a billion dollars.

Next he put Lockheed Martin on notice with one of his signature tweets.


If Trump does nothing else but restore fiscal responsibility in Washington’s he will be a transformative president.  Even if he never succeeds in draining the swamp he will have neutered the alligators.

Somehow I’m betting this is only the start of something great.  Balanced budgets, debt reduction, lower taxes and more jobs, and increased national security – boy do we have a lot to look forward to!