Watch: Polish Officials Put NBC Reporter in Her Place With 3 Brutal Words

ELDER PATRIOT – President Trump had just finished delivering an historic speech in front of Warsaw’s monument that forever memorializes the Polish resistance’s gallant but doomed heroes of WWII. 

Trump’s speech evoked comparisons with Churchill’s epic declaration on the eve of the Battle of Britain that, “Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization.” 

Today Churchill is widely regarded as the greatest leader in Britain’s long and glorious history for his steadfast defense of Western Civilization in the face of Nazi oppression, though he wasn’t always given such respect.  In the 1930’s his stern warnings about the danger of Nazi Germany were regarded as shrill and irrelevant. 

Today, President Trump’s warning about the threat of Radical Islam is being similarly dismissed and the president is being lambasted by his similarly naïve opponents for being xenophobic.  It was the same way with Reagan whose star continues to rise with time.

The Polish people have suffered and persevered through both Nazism and Soviet domination.  Today, they credit their deliverance to freedom to their unshakeable faith in God.  They cherish their freedoms and are well aware of how the threat of Radical Islam threatens those freedoms not just for Poland but for all of Western civilization.

That’s why, when NBC reporter Hallie Jackson was granted two questions and used them to turn the subject to Russian meddling in our election and away from the existential threat that the Polish people had come to hear President Trump acknowledge – along with he commitment to their defense – Polish authorities shut her down.

Trump answered both of her questions politely but she wouldn’t stop badgering him.  That’s when Polish authorities stepped in:

“You must go,” they said.

“Dear lady, two questions. Two questions. Dear lady. Thank you very much, thank you very much, you must go. You must go. Dear lady, thank you very much,” said an unidentified voice.

The Poles get it.  If you give Progressives enough rope they’ll eventually hang you with it.