Watch Judge Jeanine Torch The Seattle Judge Who Opened Our Borders to Terrorists

ELDER PATRIOT – There’s a reason everyone with a brain loves Judge Jeanine Pirro, she is steeped in the law and prepared to tell it like it is.  Last night she used her opening monologue to destroy the ruling of the activist Seattle judge who put a stop to President Trump’s Executive Order temporarily halting travel from seven terrorist hotspots.

“The president’s executive action last week holding traveled for 90 days for national from seven mostly Muslim countries Iran Iraq Syria Sudan Somalia and Olivia and Yemen is eminently constitutional and it will be upheld on both legal precedence and national security grounds.

“I start with one fundamental premise; no one has the right to enter the United

States unless he or she is a citizen of the United States.

“Every president has wide latitude to protect the homeland and no one has the right to usurp that presidential authority.  Section II F of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 codified under Title 8 of the United States Code Chapter 12 F says yes.  And every president since Jimmy Carter, and yes including Barack Obama, has used this statute to prohibit entry of certain individuals, what entry would be contrary to your national interests.

“Every president has the inherent right in his foreign affairs power the ability to exclude people who may cause harm to you. 

“And, if that power isn’t enough for you Congress added its own imprimatur passing a bill signed into law that the president has in his foreign affairs power the ability to do just that.  And that power has never ever been successfully challenged.  Article II section 2 of the Constitution gives the president the authority to protect the American people. 

“Congress legislatively has given the president the authority to protect the American people from foreign nationals.”

Judge Jeanine then totally destroys activist Judge Robart’s two underlying legal premises: that the plaintiff’s, the states of Washington and Minnesota would somehow suffer irreparable harm and that their likelihood of prevailing in higher courts was high. 

As Judge Jeanine pointed out it’s hard to make a case that either state would suffer irreparable harm and that is why Judge Robart didn’t even try to explain this in his ruling.   

His other premise that the plaintiff’s could ultimately prevail is also nonsense.  That would require overturning established enforcement precedent and rewriting the Constitution.  It’s just not going to happen as an earlier Boston based judge in this case admitted yesterday when he overturned his original order staying the temporary travel ban.

The law aside, Judge Jeanine added a dose of common sense, something is sorely lacking among too many Americans today when she pointed out that Judge Robart is privy only to his personal ideological predispositions while President Trump is responsible for protecting all Americans and provided national security briefings on a daily basis. 

Judge Jeanine cut through the Seattle judge’s bullsh*t and gave us this unbiased assessment:

“We do live in a dangerous world.  There are legitimate national security concerns.  And, for some judge in Seattle to suggest that he is in a better position to evaluate the equities between some foreign nationals and the national security concerns that we have for the American people is not only egotistical it’s just plain wrong.”

How about making Judge Jeanine Pirro the face of the Woman’s Movement?