Watch Judge Jeanine Excoriate The Clintons For Depriving Dying Children At St. Jude’s

ELDER PATRIOT – Judge Jeanine Pirro used the opening monologue from her first show of the new year to deliver a heart-wrenching description of how the Clinton’s corruption forced Eric Trump to close down his children’s foundation that had donated over $16 million dollars to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital where they treat the sickest and most unlucky of our children.

“Because someone was a crook those kids lost.  Because someone lined their own pockets from their so-called charity, laundering money from foreign governments and oligarchs under the guise of starting a presidential library but actually seeking to pay lawyers and settle sexual harassment judgments those children lost.  Because a self-admitted dead-broke penniless couple parlayed their charity into a pay-for-play and a quarter of a billion dollars for themselves, these children lost.”

Unlike the Clinton Foundation that served Hillary, Bill and Chelsea as their personal ATM, the entire overhead that it took to run the Eric Trump Children’s Foundation was born by Eric himself.  One hundred percent of donations were passed directly to these sick children in need of a miracle – a miracle that Saint Jude’s had become accustomed to being asked to provide.

Shame on the New York Times and the rest of the mainstream media who joined with the Times to construct a moral equivalency between the Clinton’s criminal activities and Eric Trump’s legitimate charity.