Watch FOX Anchor Blowup A**Hole Vicente Fox After He Compares Trump to Castro

ELDER PATRIOT – Ex-President of Mexico Vicente Fox is another Harvard educated globalist so that may help explain the lunacy he exhibited when Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell asked him for his comments on the passing of Fidel Castro.

After about a minute of discussion, Vicente Fox pivoted to what has become the currency of the Left, hysterical rhetoric.

In a striking rant the ex-president went off on Donald Trump, “Castro was a dictator and a very dangerous and terrible dictator… Nobody needs dictators. And by the way, that kind of dictatorship, that kind of totalitarian [leadership] is very similar to Trump. They lie, they cheat, they are false prophets, they promise many things but they are not going to be able to comply.”

McDowell wouldn’t stand for the unwarranted and gratuitous attack against President-elect Trump and verbally bitch-slapped the fast becoming irrelevant globalist to his face:

“Comparing Donald Trump to Fidel Castro is beyond the pale.  Fidel Castro was a murdering thug who tortured people, who imprisoned people, and quite frankly Mr. President I ask you to take that back – comparing Fidel Castro to Donald Trump.”

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you, eh?  Cuba under Castro’s leadership did nothing for Mexico except threaten its sovereignty something that we guaranteed.  It was the United States that has provided Mexico with economic opportunity at the cost of America’s manufacturing sector.  And, it was Vicente Fox who benefitted from our generosity when he was Mexico’s leader.

McDowell then terminated the interview and reiterated that, “Fidel Castro was a murdering dictator who crushed the freedoms of his own people and to compare him to Donald Trump is, I will say it, is beyond the pale and repugnant.”

Thanks, Dagen for standing up to this a**hole.  Her message was clear, the days of disrespecting American leaders are over.