WAT??? Trump Donates His 3rd Quarter Salary to Address Major Problem So Media Attacks Kellyanne.

Elder Patriot – President Trump’s commitment to making America great puts him in the company of our Founding Fathers.  Like Trump, they were men of means who had been successful in their commercial endeavors. 

Where the Founders risked all of their successes in order to create the American dream of unfettered opportunity for all citizens, businessman Donald Trump risked it all to run for president in order to return America to the greatness that the Founders had envisioned for all of their fellow citizens and that had been stripped away by the greed and corruption of the entrenched political class.

Trump proved his commitment to the American people with his announcement that he would not be accepting his presidential salary when he took office.  When he was advised that he didn’t have that option he decided to donate it to various causes instead.

On Thursday President Trump announced that he was donating his third-quarter presidential salary to the Department of Health and Human Services’ efforts to combat the opioid crisis. 

Acting HHS Secretary Eric Hargan said of the president’s announcement: “His decision to donate his salary is a tribute to this compassion, to his patriotism and his sense of duty to the American people.”

President Trump has been focused on America’s growing opioid epidemic since his campaign and his critics have used his refusal to increase funding to previously failed strategies to attack him.

The president didn’t get wealthy by throwing money down the same rabbit hole and expecting different results.  He knows that failure is rooted in poor management and that all of the money on God’s green earth can’t overcome that.  It also can’t overcome corruption.  It only feeds it.

Unfortunately, the Deep State media uses only two metrics when telling us what needs to be done in addressing problems – the amount of spending thrown at the problem and the experience of the person who is appointed to lead the effort.

Businessman Trump knows that’s a recipe for failure.  If funding guaranteed success the schools in Camden and Newark New Jersey would be among the finest in the country.

The president also knows that until and unless we can control the flow of illegal drugs across our southern border, end lax enforcement procedures, put an end to sanctuary cities that coddle illegals who traffic in drugs, and rein in Big Pharma’s role in creating the next generation of addicts, no amount of money will reverse this horrible scourge.

President Trump also knows that continuing to trust failed management, no matter how experienced they may be, is a recipe for failure.  People who solve problems can run any enterprise successfully.  Everyone else is a paper pusher.

That is why he named Kellyanne Conway to lead his administration’s efforts in fighting the opioid epidemic.  Kellyanne is the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign.  And she was promoting a brash businessman the likes of which had never been candidate for high office before.

That was something Donna Brazile failed to do for Al Gore despite the eight years of economic boom and relative world peace while he was vice president.  But, if Trump had asked Brazile to lead this task force, the Deep State media would’ve hailed him.

Instead the DSM went into immediate attack mode as a search of Google reveals:

Trump has proven he isn’t interested in shuffling deck chairs and maintaining the status quo.  He never was and never will be.  If he believes that Kellyanne is the right person to lead this task force, given his track record of success in identifying managers, then I’m betting on her.