WAT??? Globalist Banker – Clinton Supporter Credits Trump For Booming U.S. Economy!!!

Elder Patriot – Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein recently sat for an interview with CNN-Money. 

Both Goldman Sachs and Blankfein are synonymous with the move towards a corporately controlled new world order, which goes a long way towards explaining their financial and material support for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as well as the endorsement they gave to her at that time.

In fact, top executives at Goldman banned the investment firm’s employees from even making private political donations to Donald Trump while encouraging donations be made to the Clinton campaign.

That is why Blankfein’s admission that the Trump economic recovery is greater than he had been willing to admit it would be:

If the president didn’t win, and Hillary Clinton won … I bet you the economy is higher today than it otherwise would be.” 

There is no doubt that the U.S. economy has been strengthened. Unemployment has dropped to a 17-year low, small business optimism is roaring, and the economy is growing at 3+% and moving higher – a growth rate that the Obama economy never achieved for even a single quarter.

Blankfein is not a stupid man.  Nor did he fail to recognize that this would be the case under the policies Trump had been espousing on the campaign trail.  But, it does put a pause in the Globalist bankers’ plan for world financial domination.

So what gives?

It’s likely that Blankfein realizes that President Trump is likely here to stay and he wants to make the most of the situation.  How so?

Big-time players like Blankfein operate by getting important news before it is released to the general public and then acting on it.  This includes information on pending or proposed lawsuits that might impact a stock’s value, mergers or acquisitions, breaking technological advances and medical discoveries, pending legislation and other news.

In this case it’s likely that Blankfein, who gave this interview on Wednesday, had been given a heads up by someone familiar with Robert Mueller’s investigation that the indictments handed down yesterday would pretty much clear President Trump.

Regardless of Blankfein’s motivation, whether or not it was an attempt to endear himself to the president, Trump can use it to his advantage in the future.  But, don’t look for Trump to soften his position to the globalist financial cabal.