WAT!!! French Ambassador Bashes U.S. on Remembrance Day!!!

Elder Patriot – The French have always been a largely detestable lot mostly because of their sense that they’re better than everyone else. 

There were certainly brave and resolute men and women in the French Resistance and they earned history’s respect but the willingness with which the majority of their countrymen and women accepted the Nazi occupation speaks volumes about how little regard they held for their freedom.

Yesterday, as we paused to remember the innocent men who were killed in Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, the French Ambassador, Gererd Araud, thought it was a proper time to uphold their national character with a tweet that showed their arrogance and thanklessness was still intact.

Araud decided that yesterday was the time for a little revisionist history and tweeted his disdain for America:

For some historical perspective, Araud was born 8 years after the war was over and two decades after the great powers of Europe – France and England – began ceding the continent to Hitler.  He only knows what he’s been taught about history and no amount of revisionist history can change the fact that it wasn’t our war.

Sixty million lives might’ve been spared if Europe had heeded the warnings of Winston Churchill.  Instead, lily-livered politicians carried the day and Europe was destroyed, both materially and spiritually.  Apparently, it has never recovered.

It’s important to remember that in 1930 we were not a military power.  There were two things that catapulted our effort to turn back the assault of fascism across the globe: America’s massive manufacturing base provided the platform for ramping up the capability of our war machine and the independent spirit of America’s fighting men and women.

It was France’s poor decisions to mollify Hitler that led to their country’s demise and to now to place some blame at our feet should be unacceptable to every American. 

France’s opposition to President Trump’s efforts in North Korea, Iran, and with the broad spectrum of nations accepting of radical Islam proves that it is their unwillingness or inability to learn from history that once again threatens world peace.

It was the American G.I.s who sacrificed on the beaches of Normandy and then in the reclamation of the small towns across the countryside of France.  Too many never returned home leaving widows and children scattered across virtually every town and city in the U.S.A.

Our boys traveled thousands of miles from home to do the job the French didn’t do and they paid a dear price to restore freedom to the French in the process.  After the war had been won we anted up the money to rebuild the democracies of Europe, including France.

Now the French are once again in the process of ceding their future to an invading force that threatens their culture and their way of life.  This time though no guns were even needed.  Talk about rolling over like the lily-livered worms they have proven to be over the last eighty years. 

They have decided, as they did when the Nazis invaded their homeland, to accept their conquerors and their way of life.

At the American Cemetery at Normandy you will find only Crosses and Stars of David.  There are no crescents.  That is because the Muslims aligned themselves with the Nazis during WWII.

So to Araud and others who sympathize with his revisionist sentiments, I say screw off you ungrateful maggots.

We warned you in the 1930’s and we’ve been warning you now, 80 years later.  If you won’t listen don’t blame us when you lose your country again. 

One more thing, don’t lecture us about how to handle invaders.