Washington Elites Immunized Themselves Against Charges of Sexual Harassment

Elder Patriot – As establishmentarians Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan continue running interference to block President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda one thing is certain – they hold themselves to a significantly different set of laws than they do we commoners.

As long as they are willing to commit to the occasional dog and pony show that passes as a congressional investigation they will be immune to laws that govern the rest of us.

We already know that when they passed Obamacare they exempted themselves and their staffs from the mandates that are crushing the rest of us.

Of course the precedent for that was set many decades ago when the paragons of ethical virtues of that time exempted themselves from Social Security.  That may explain why the system they’re on is fully solvent and Social Security the retirement package the rest of us have contributed so heavily to isn’t.

Even when it’s clear that crimes have been committed the elites are protected by the Deep State.  Even murder.  Vince Foster, Seth Rich, and John Kennedy – no one is immune.  Except, of course, those who support the Deep State’s globalist agenda.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that the Washington Postdescribes Congress as playing by different rules — a workplace where “interns have limited harassment protections under the unique employment law that Congress applies to itself” and where a special U.S. Treasury fund has been established just for settlement payouts.

The laws that apply to private employers – that Congress wrote and passed – cannot be applied to members of Congress for their sexual misconduct.

Under current law accusers first have to submit to months of counseling and mediation before being eligible to file a lawsuit.

If a settlement is reached it is paid out of a U.S. Treasury account at taxpayers’ expense.  Reporting from 1997 until 2014 reveals that taxpayers have been charged $15.2 million to settle 235 Capitol Hill workplace violations.  No further breakdown defining the exact nature of the harassment claims was made available.

The current law went into effect in 1995 at a time when stories were breaking all over Washington that President Bill Clinton was using the White House as a sex den whether his partners were willing or not.

It’s likely that before Congress was pushed, by growing public sentiment, into impeaching Clinton they sought to immunize themselves from similar claims.

This begs the question if the inexplicably anti-American votes your Congressmen and Senators have made after promising you they would vote differently were in deference to keeping their sexual peccadillos hidden from their wives.