Warning: Incendiary Response to Race-Baiter Morning Joe

ELDER PATRIOT  – Joe Scarborough is an untrustworthy serial philanderer who has dumped multiple wives for other women when he tired of them.  He’s also not above using political divisiveness if it helps him make a point.

President Trump invited the Republicans who helped him get a healthcare reform package through the House to the Rose Garden to celebrate what was a heavy lift. They had done little more than try to restore some degree of fiscal sanity in the hope that they could keep the existing Obamacare mess from collapsing.

Joe had nothing bad to say about the Democrats who created the healthcare mess and now have refused to engage in crafting something more to their liking.  Instead, Scarborough led the chorus of other moronic race-baiters when he used his television platform to say, “I want you to look at this picture of a billionaire, surrounded by a lot of millionaires. They’re all middle-aged and older white guys.”

What are you saying Joe?  Aren’t white’s capable of doing the right thing?  Do you believe Obamacare is fine just as it is?  If you do are an equally moronic ideologue as the Marxist it’s named after.

All right Joe, let’s play your game.  Take a look at this picture:

Does the color of their skin have anything to do with the breakdown of law and order in our country?

Does the color of their skin have anything to do with their refusal to enforce federal law laws governing immigration?

Does the color of their skin have anything to do with their administration’s infringement on individual liberties that is characteristic the governments of the African continent?

Does the color of their skin explain their inability to make responsible spending decisions?

Does the color of their skin explain why the opioid epidemic has exploded across this country?

Are people of this color incapable of budgeting or telling the truth?

Is civil unrest in their genes?

Leadership has nothing to do with color. It is about making hard decisions and then living with the consequences, Joe.  That’s exactly what these Republicans did in this case.

You even admitted that when you pointed out that these Republicans had made their re-election dependent on this bill successfully lowering premiums and improving services.

That’s what leadership looks like, Joe, having the willingness to be held accountable for your legislative initiatives and not kicking the can down the road for subsequent congresses to deal with.

The Obama administration never took responsibility for anything.  Is that an inherent trait in people of African ancestry?

These are questions that were never asked by the social scientists during Obama’s eight-year presidency yet it’s the first thing racists like you resort to using against Trump.

I’ll remind you that Republicans never engaged in racial derision while Obama was president. 

All of this proves you’re a deplorable scumbag, Joe.