You Have Been Warned: California’s Multiculturalists are Leading the U.S. Over the Cliff

Elder Patriot – Americans should view California as the proverbial canary in the multicultural mine.

Here’s why:

In the 1960’s, President Lyndon Johnson ushered a series of social-welfare acts through Congress.  This included the so-called Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.

Only months before the signing ceremony, Johnson told Congress:

“Our task is to help replace their despair with opportunity. This administration today, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America. Our chief weapons will be better schools, and better health, and better homes, and better training, and better job opportunities to help more Americans, especially young Americans, escape from squalor and misery and unemployment…  not only to relieve the symptom of poverty, but to cure it and, above all, to prevent it.”

In 1965, President Johnson signed the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965.  In his comments afterwards, Johnson said:

“This bill that we will sign today is not a revolutionary bill.  It does not affect the lives of millions. It will not reshape the structure of our daily lives.”

No one alive today would give Johnson credit for his foresight.

Whether Johnson’s intentions were pure no longer matters.  The result, more than a half-century later, have been disastrous.  And therein lies the reason to question the motives underpinning the policies of the current Democratic Party.

The combination of these two bills created a magnet for the world’s poor and uneducated.  Estimates place the annual direct cost to U.S. taxpayers for illegal immigrants at $135 billion.

The indirect costs include the country’s indigenous population that finds itself displaced from their jobs and in need of government assistance.  There is no accounting for the breakdown in the social order that resulted in burnt out towns and failed marriages.

This has led to a body politic fractured along real economic, and what are now largely manufactured socio-demographic, differences.

Why would anyone from either side of the political aisle who is ostensibly elected to represent the constituents who put them in office, with more than fifty years trying to fix this failed experiment, continue espousing these policies?

But they do.  In fact, an entire political party is built upon an agenda that demands its continuation without abatement or modification.  Sadly, half the opposition party refuses to address the issue, as well.

Sadly, both groups oppose President Trump’s “tough love” remedy that is the only way to avoid an economic armageddon.  The question voters should be asking themselves is why?

Our policies regarding immigration enforcement and social-support availability to everyone, along with the selfish sense that as Americans our taxpayers can afford to buy anything for anyone, have contributed greatly to our nation’s $22 trillion debt.  That figure ignores the unfunded liabilities attached to the “sacred promises” of Social Security and Medicare.

Still, the collective economic picture, as dire as it may be for the country writ large, is significantly better than that of America’s most “Progressive” state, California.

Looking to the Golden State’s embrace of, and doubling down on, these failed policies provides a predictive view of our nation’s future under so-called progressive governance.

Thomas Del Beccaro writing in Forbes examined the top four reasons that California’s present political disposition has left the state in an unsustainable mess.

Number one on that list is government spending and its misplaced priorities,

Del Beccaro points out that as bad as the overall national economic forecast may be, California’s next generation of leaders, Gavin Newsom, Kevin de Leon, Xavier Becerra and Kamala Harris are promising to make it worse for Californians:

With the highest tax structure among the fifty states, and already spending double annual revenues:

Gavin Newsom, Kevin de Leon, Xavier Becerra and Kamala Harris also support some form of significantly expanded healthcare benefits if not universal healthcare – which is estimated to cost as much as $400 billion a year (that is not a typo). All of them support the California magnet policies that attracted so many of those in California illegally. In fact, there is no indication that the next generation has any concern for the future debt.  Instead, they support higher taxes.

We are witnessing the end result of LBJ’s Great Society – sanctuary cities and unlimited welfare programs, including healthcare.

Absent increased tax revenues, these “progressive” leaders are proposing spending 4 times annual revenues.  Only an economic illiterate like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who says to “just pay for it,” responsible stewards should be asking how?  

But they’re not.  Doubling taxes still would fall short of making ends meet by half.  And, we have all witnessed the economic stagnation, lower wages, and unemployment associated with higher taxes during the Obama administration.

Already, California’s high taxes and high cost of living is driving out middle-class families.  Burgeoning debt coupled with taxpayer flight is not a winning formula.

All of this excessive spending has led California’s elected officials to kick much needed infrastructure improvements down the road.  From decaying roads, to crumbling dams, to insufficient means of delivering water to residents and farmers, the state’s infrastructure needs are massive and unattended to.

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute “pegs the cost of California’s unfunded infrastructure needs at up to $737 billion and possibly as much as $765 billion.”  

To put this in perspective, President Trump, a man of grandiose ideas himself, is asking Congress for $1 Trillion (barely a third more than California requires) to restore the infrastructure of the entire U.S.

In the cases of both California and the United States, infrastructure maintenance – forget improvements – have been deferred in order to accommodate the needs of illegal immigrants at the expense of our children and their children.

Have Americans yet figured out that the funding of their retirement has been passed on to their children in the form of assumable debt?  Have they yet realized that government has put the needs of people who are here illegally over their own progeny?

Political avarice only explains so much.  Voters need only look to California to see the entire country in another decade.  Progressivism is a disease as surely as alcoholism and drug addiction. It only feels good until you wake up.