Wake Up! The Second Civil War Has Begun – Leftists’ Cultural Purge Always Presages a Communist Insurgency!

ELDER PATRIOT – The brilliant political satirist A.F. Branco’s recent cartoon illustrates the reason behind the Radical Left’s hyper psychotic demands to remove monuments that memorialize our past.

These monuments stimulate questions and the answers are not kind to modern Dems.

Discussions about monuments to Confederate heroes inevitably reveal that they were secessionist Democrats.  Kind of like Californians are today. 

And, discussions about monuments to our Founding Fathers inevitably reveal how far we’ve strayed from the Republican ideals of the Framers, the brilliance of the Constitution that they gave to us, the great price they paid for our freedom, and the heroic – if flawed – nature of those great men.

All of this history and pride has to be erased if the Dem’s are to have a future beyond that of a fringe third party.  On the other hand, if they are successful in overthrowing Donald Trump their control over government may be made permanent by the establishment politburo that, after Trump, are intent on never again allowing the people to choose their president. 

Realize, the Dems had already made their nominating process a coronation not open to public input.  May of us feared that this would’ve been the case for both parties had Hillary been elected, if the two party system still existed. 

In fact the resistance to President Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity may signal that this election had already been “fixed” at least to some degree.

Regardless, it had become evident prior to the 2016 election that it was going to be the last one that mattered.  Trump knew this and repeated that warning at virtually every campaign rally.

The ascendancy of Donald Trump forced the Globalists to take drastic measures to prevent him from dismantling the plans.  With Congress and with the MSM echo chamber under their control, the foreign interests holding incredible influence within the Deep State made their move to end the Trump presidency, by whatever means necessary.

Since the election, Republicans have done an about face on their campaign promises and have acted more like patrons of the Democrats than protectors of the Constitution.  And, then they stood silent as the ever-increasing radicalization of the Democratic Party accelerated at warp speed.

Trump’s populist agenda:

  • building the Wall and fixing our immigration system;
  • forcing our NATO partners to pay their fair share;
  • renegotiating or abandoning the flawed international trade deals that were destroying the American job market;
  • equalizing trade with the Chinese and ending China’s theft of our intellectual property;
  • providing veteran’s with a healthcare system befitting what they’ve earned;
  • ending costly foreign wars where there exists little or no national interest;
  • and significant tax reform;

so threatened the foreign interests that had pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into owning the D.C. establishment that the decision was made to move now rather than be forced to spend another 30 years undoing Trump’s accomplishments in the same way that it took the last thirty years undoing the social, religious and political of Ronald Reagan.

So the Antifa movement was recruited by Obama’s OFA and bought and paid for by George Soros, and the cultural purge was begun.  To date it has been strikingly similar to the Maoist ascendancy that resulted in the imposition of a totalitarian Marxist regime.

Frighteningly the power of the media has convinced many people that forcing their eight-year old daughter to share a restroom with a man in a dress is more important public policy than daddy having a job – or even having a daddy – or the $400,000 in debt that eight-year old has been burdened with by America’s already entrenched Marxist “entitlement” programs.

The opposition to Trump now is comprised of illegal immigrants, the sexually confused and those who want your children to be sexually confused, and spoiled brats who support financially irresponsible government so long as they get theirs. 

JFK’s vision for America – “Ask not what your country can do for you…” is gone, a victim of both unfettered immigration and identity politics – both globalist policies.

When Governor Ronald Reagan was confronted with the destructive Antifa of that time he ordered the National Guard to quell their uprising – quickly!  Afterwards, when the press grilled him about ‘Bloody Thursday’ – where police killed a protester, Reagan was unapologetic. “If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with. No more appeasement.”

President Trump has allowed this to go on for too long.  It’s time for him to end the Antifa movement now or it won’t be long before patriots take matters into their own hands.  Trump must end America’s second Civil War immediately or he will face the consequences of his inaction.

To paraphrase Ben Franklin, “American patriots are committed to hang together because we realize, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”