Voting Evidence Not Polls Shows No Complacency Among Republican Voters: Cold Anger Fuels the Red Wave

Elder Patriot – Try as it might the mainstream establishment media couldn’t con voters in 2016 into abandoning their support of Donald Trump.  

Unlike the push polls used to influence voters electoral decisions we realized the Trump phenomenon was real and unstoppable and we spent the months leading up to the election explaining the dynamic that was in play.  (Here, here, and here among dozens of others)

Those same indicators are once again everywhere – if you know where to look.

President Trump’s rallies on behalf of Republican candidates are at least as well attended and the enthusiasm as least as palpable as they were in 2016.  Only a fool – or a mainstream media pollster/propagandist – would believe there is a disconnect between those supporting President Trump and the candidates on whose behalf he’s stumping for.

There’s also the early analytics released by NBC on Monday that shows Republicans stomping Democrats on their home turf – among early voters.  Early voting has historically been dominated by Democrats but not this year.

Not even close.   

It’s hard to envision a scenario where Republican voters are so disgusted with President Trump’s policies that they ran out to vote more than two weeks early.  It’s a virtual certainty that they had seen enough of Democrats and their #Resistance movement and realized that nothing could change their minds between now and November 6th.

There’s also the likelihood that voters as decisively strident as these early voters appear to be, have not split their ballots meaning down ballot Republicans already have a significant lead in the race for the House.

Cold Anger, a level of anger far deeper and more consequential than that displayed by the paid leftist, tear down America without a plan to make it better, protesters, motivates these voters.

None of this bodes well for Democrats whose blue wave appears to be rolling out to sea.