Vote to Reject Democrats Exercise of Raw Political Power

Elder Patriot – When a soldier deserts their post in combat that’s unacceptable.  It doesn’t matter how long or arduous the battle he or she is engaged in, they’re expected to defend that position.  

So it is with voting.  The difference is you’re only asked to man your post once every two years.

That should not be too much to ask of anyone.

Arguments that one vote doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things is a sad rationalization for abdicating your obligation to your children, your parents, your neighbors and your country.  What if only 60% of our military decided to man their posts when called on?

This is especially significant this year because the current crop of Democrats have proven themselves unworthy of high office.

They started their assault on the opposing party more than a year before the 2016 election of Donald Trump when Barack Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan apparently weaponized the Five Eyes network.

Eventually, Brennan handed off the bogus counterintelligence investigation to the FBI and with the help of Obama’s DOJ and the Clinton holdovers at the State Department, they began a campaign of illegal surveillance on the Trump campaign.

Is this the government you want?  Is this the government we ask our young warriors to risk their lives defending?

To those who would dismiss this as simply politics, I submit Democrats’ treatment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for consideration.

Democrats were intent on destroying this man personally, his family be damned, simply because of his interpretation of the Constitution.  Now, as accuser after accuser recants their stories, not a single Democrat has apologized to Justice Kavanaugh.

Even if they didn’t have a hand in trying to frame Kavanaugh, their collective silence now, is inexplicable.

On top of that, their unified refusal to vote to confirm him, even after Republicans agreed to a seventh FBI investigation that again exonerated Kavanaugh, stands as a display of raw political savagery that should have no place in our body politic.

Is this the degree of integrity you want in your representatives?  Is this the government our young warriors are risking their lives to defend?

To those who would dismiss this as simply politics, I submit Democrats’ defense of, and silence concerning, Antifa.  

Antifa is too reminiscent of the Nazi Brownshirts for us to dismiss them as just another hate group.  

Is this how our politics is to be decided, by intimidation and fear?  Is this the government our young warriors are risking their lives to defend?

We can argue over policies, as we should.  Taxes, immigration reform, healthcare, abortion, are all legitimate grounds for debate.  But even here Democrats mask who they are as James O’Keefe and Project Veritas has exposed in a series of recent undercover videos:

Here’s just one example:

Click on the links above to view many other examples of Democrats admitting to deliberately misleading voters.

How can voters properly assess candidates who lie to them about their positions on issues?  Is this the government our young warriors are risking their lives to defend?

Today, in this election, the defense of liberty has come to our shores.  

We can argue about policy but we should not accept government by brute force.  Sadly, this is what the Democratic Party has devolved into.

The mistake in rewarding this behavior is misreading Republicans’ commitment to defending the rule of law and common decency.  

Democrats, have been courting violence since before Trump became president.  They will rue the day they did if they continue on this course because patriots comprising the American right will not roll over in the face of tyrants – foreign or domestic.

You are asked to vote once every two years.  Do your duty and reject politicians who embrace lying and brute force.  Get out and vote!