Viral Video Mocks Dem’s Ridiculous Hyperbolic Attacks Against Common Sense

ReasonTV artist Remy Munasifi just released a new song parody that parodies the Dem’s hyperbolic attack on the effort to clean up the mess that Obamacare created.

First the facts: Health insurance costs have more than doubled since the inception of Obamacare while Americans’ life expectancy has fallen.  It’s a mess that was deliberately created by Obama and passed by the Dem caucus in 2010, and left unaddressed will soon leave us with VA type healthcare for every American.

Yet, the Dem’s in both Houses of Congress have refused to even discuss fixing the problem that they created.  Instead they have gone on the offensive to turn public opinion against the effort.  What more proof does anyone need that the Dems have no intention of fixing anything with the exception of fixing spending at unsustainable levels so that America eventually bows to the Cloward-Piven bankruptcy strategy ?

So as Americans struggle to feed themselves and pay their rent because of soaring health insurance premiums, Dems are blowing smoke at the healthcare fix that they hadn’t even read.

Nancy Pelosi trashed the initial reform bill within 12 minutes of its release.  I guess she needs to trash the bill before she can read it.  At least she’s consistent.  When Obamacare initially to be voted on Pelosi infamously crowed, “we have to pass the bill so that we can read it.”

Chuck Schumer called the bill “mean-spirited” though it’s hard to see how destroying America’s hard-working middle class to pay for Cadillac healthcare for people who have perfected living off the government for a living isn’t.

The Dems’ socialist standard bearer, Bernie Sanders called the current bill the “worst piece of legislation” against working class people that he can remember in his political life in the Congress.  So far that distinction belongs to Obamacare that he voted for.

Hillary Clinton, who first brought nationalized healthcare to the political debate during her husbands first term, tweeted:

Elizabeth Warren, the Marxist senator from Massachusetts chimed in with this even-toned statement, “These cuts are blood money.  People will die!”

People will die?  And that brings us back to Munasifi’s brilliant video:

In less than two minutes Munasifi explodes the stupidity of the Dems’ over-the-top hyperbole by playing the roles of Sen. Max Hyperbole and Sen. Guy Knowsbetter who offer up a series of ridiculous bills and demanding their passage because otherwise, “People will die!”

The hilarious rap video ends with the levelheaded argument:

“Why not weigh all the costs — the effects, the results? Empathize with each other as if we were adults. Use our brains to craft arguments, not vilify.  See that freedom’s a trade-off.”