Vindictive POS Speaker Tears Up Trump’s State of the Union Speech After He Cites America’s Triumphs and Lays Out His Plan For an Even Bolder Future

In an unprecedented move, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stood behind President Trump as he wrapped up his State of the Union speech and shredded her copy of his words.

It was just too pro-America for her Marxist moorings to stomach.

She spent much of the evening making faces like a petulant schoolgirl who just learned she was being given homework over the weekend.

You would think that when President Trump touted the fact that 10,000,000 Americans had come off of welfare since he took office everyone in the chamber, regardless of their party affiliation, would have cheered… or, at least applauded.

You’d be wrong.

Americans’ success is not consistent with Democrats’ success, or at least their congressional and senatorial representatives don’t seem to think so.

Democrats, as if oblivious to the fact that Americans were watching and judging them,  repeatedly displayed their disgust with our successes over, and over, and over again.

As President Trump touted the great American turnaround listing one success after another, Democrats sat stone faced sinking ever deeper into their seats.   

Coming on the heels of her failed impeachment effort, Pelosi has been stripped completely of her mantle as a great strategist.  Worse, Pelosi was exposed by a non-politician who simply loves his country and all of its citizens.

This was a crushing night for Democrat central planners especially as it came on the heels of last night’s gross ineptitude in Iowa.  If they can’t run an intra-party caucus in a single state, they have no right asking to oversee the massive government programs that they have proposed.

President Trump closed by assuring Americans that “America’s best days are still ahead.”  That will depend on thoroughly defeating the Marxist Party in November.