Video: Tucker Carlson Uses Michael Cohen’s Testimony to Destroy the Mainstream Media’s Trump-Russia Collusion Obsession

Elder Patriot – It’s funny how these things work.  False narratives that are built over a period of years can come tumbling down in a matter of minutes once the linchpin is pulled.

That’s what happened when Democrats brought a man they considered their star witness, Michael Cohen, into a Congressional hearing to provide testimony against President Trump.

Cohen proved to be the linchpin.

The Trump-Russia conspiracy took more than three and a half years to build – it started with Britain that wanted no part of the Brexit-supporting Donald Trump as the United States next president.

On Wednesday, Michael Cohen, took all of the air out of the Trump-Russia conspiracy balloon and still the mainstream media refuse to put their anti-Trump narrative to rest.

Tucker Carlson chose a different path – to expose the truth about what Cohen’s testimony revealed.  It took him only nine and a half minutes – well worth your time.


President Trump, the only person certain of the truth, approved:

The refusal of the exposed fake news sources within the mainstream media to reverse course and report truthfully only adds fuel to those who believe there exists a deep state that controls everything they report.