VIDEO: Student “Activists” Turn Criminal – Just Like The Democrats Who Are Pulling Their Strings

Elder Patriot – Progressives have been attempting to nullify the Constitution since the day it was ratified.  The modern Democratic Party is the home of today’s progressive movement, a movement that cultivates anarchy to advance Marxist ideology.

To these modern day Democrats the Constitution is an impediment to the enslavement of Americans and they will do anything, repeat anything, to destroy it, including using our education system for indoctrination into progressive (Marxist) teachings.

They have spent more than two years denigrating the great political philosophers who came together in the old Pennsylvania State House Philadelphia in the summer of 1787, in an attempt to delegitimize and invalidate the brilliant governing document that they gave us.

The result is that we’re not supposed to trust the “old white men” who collaborated on crafting the Constitution because, well, because they were old white men. 

Aside from the obvious racist conclusions of that logic, they are now asking us to follow the young white students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. in eviscerating one of the underlying tenets of that Constitution – the Second Amendment.

Where is the logic in that?  If old white men informed by experience and travel are disqualified from leadership why in the world should we listen to their offspring who are beneficiaries of white privilege and whose worldview is limited to trips to Disney, playing video games, obsessing about their first sexual conquest, and who are informed only by their Marxist teachers.

It is assumed that some of the students involved in the nationwide protests can talk knowledgeably about the Second Amendment and the tradeoff that Thomas Jefferson acknowledged existed when the people aren’t armed:

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

The sad part is the kids who have been elevated by the Democrats, with the help of their lapdog mainstream media, have no idea what is at stake when the citizenry is unarmed.

Now, we are seeing the results of our failed public indoctrination centers being played out before our eyes.

One mom refused to allow her son to participate in the walkout unless he could explain why he was walking out and she posted that conversation to Facebook.

Son: Protests initiate change; they bring awareness to the issue

Mom: That’s true! Protests can be a great catalyst. So what are you protesting? 

Son: Gun laws.

Mom: and what are the current gun laws?
Son: I don’t know, but they need to change.
Mom: how do you know that if you don’t know what they are? Who makes the gun laws? Whose attention are you trying to get? State, federal, local…?
Son: I don’t know.

The mother denied her son’s permission to participate in the walkout and explained:

“You may not protest in ignorance. You don’t protest something just because everyone else is doing it. What is happening in our schools is wrong, and scary, and sad, and yes, some things need to change. But you must educate yourself before you can be an agent of change.”

But it was the students masquerading as civics scholars in Chicago that really showed their intellectual prowess when they took their brilliance to an area Walmart.

These were the modern day “protestors” that the Democrats party nurtures and relies on to foster civil unrest.  Following in the footsteps on Ferguson and Baltimore – but, not in the footsteps of Martin Luther King – these kinds turned their time in Walmart into a destructive rampage that likely left shoppers fearful of the violence and wishing that they were armed.

And, the aftermath:

But surely this was an isolated incident, right?  Wrong.

See the website for more about how the “Chicago Students Riot and Loot At Strip Mall During Gun Walkout.”

These are the “activists” the modern Democratic Party has spawned and who they welcome to carry the party’s water.  These are the anarchists that do the heavy lifting for the globalist movement that has worked so hard to end America’s place as that shining city on a hill.

I’ll continue to revere the writings of Madison and Jefferson while the modern Democrats continue following the demands of ignorant youths and illegal immigrants, thank you.