Video Proves it’s Hillary Not Trump That Can’t Be Trusted With the Nuclear Codes

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton has spent over four decades in Washington acting in the most unethically imaginable ways starting with her stint as a staff member on the House Judiciary Committee staff when they were preparing articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon.

According to lifelong Democrat Jeffrey Zeifman who served as general counsel and chief of staff to the committee, “Her brief was so fraudulent and ridiculous, she would have been disbarred if she had submitted it to a judge.”

Unfortunately, she wasn’t disbarred and her life of playing fast and loose with the law escalated from there.

She is now the most reviled candidate in the history of electoral politics.  Fully two-thirds of the electorate considers her untrustworthy.  With her own record indelibly set her campaign has been forced to attempt to create an even greater negative image of Donald Trump in the hopes of convincing the public he would be an even worse president.  Sad to contemplate but it’s true.

This theme was prevalent at the Democratic National Convention when Hillary suggested that Trump doesn’t possess the temperament to be trusted running our military or in to be in control of the nuclear codes:

She wants us to believe that because Trump answers negative tweets or defends his supporters right to hear him without being interrupted by her operatives, he’s somehow unfit to trust with the power of the presidency. 

Someone has to tell her that’s how a man with a spine reacts, unlike her husband who launched ICBM’s into Iraq in an attempt to distract attention from his affair with a White House intern as Huma Abedin, now Mrs. Clinton’s top aide, charged at the time.

But, Bill isn’t on the ballot this November Hillary is, so what has she said in her past that gives us insight into how she would handle our military and, specifically how she would act if given control over our nuclear arsenal?  Let’s let her words tell the story:

Mrs. Clinton wants us to believe that someone throwing a punch or tweeting a response in anger negates her threats of war because a foreign state had the temerity to hack her illegal email server.  Or, that her threat to “totally obliterate” Iran was just a cool-headed and smart negotiating ploy.

What’s scary was the vapid brain-dead audience at the DNC rising as one to cheer her on.

She’s tried this tack before.  In 2008 Mrs. Clinton ran this ad against Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries:

She failed to convince Democrat voters then and now, implausibly after refusing to answer that call when it came from Benghazi, is going back to the same well that’s she’s already poisoned when she had the chance to prove herself.

Neither Mrs. Clinton nor her husband have ever been held to account for allowing China to “steal” nuclear secrets from our Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory.  Neither have the Clintons ever been made to answer how the transfer of this technology might’ve been tied to the incredible sums of money they received and continue to receive from China.

Only a fool or a person in denial of her forty plus year record could believe she can be trusted with a single uniformed officer’s life, the life of any field operative (she exposed an undetermined number of them through her cavalier use of an unsecure sever,) or control over our military arsenal.