Video: MSM’s Mass Distortion Now Claiming Memes More Harmful Than War

ELDER PATRIOT – As Donald Trump exposes the MSM’s use of fake news, manufactured lies, and false narratives, CNN is fighting back.  And in the process their reporters sound like crybabies trying to re-claim their once inviolable status as “independent journalists.”

In this well-documented video Paul Joseph Watson exposes the hand that CNN (and the rest of the MSM) played in ginning up everything from the Iraq War to justifying the murderous actions of Black Lives Matter – and everything in between.

This may be the best 7 minutes you’ll ever spend if you want to understand just how dangerous the biased MSM has been.

Herewith just some of the stories the MSM have repeated endlessly that have made us all less safe:

  • The Trump-Russia narrative that pushed two super powers closer to WW III.
  • The “Hands up Don’t Shoot” lie that led to mass shootings, riots and a nationwide hate movement.
  • The claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction led to 1,000,000 dead Iraqis and thousands of dead and maimed U.S. troops.
  • The false narrative about Syrian rebels being moderates led to the rise of ISIS, an international migrant crisis, and a spike in terrorism around the world.
  • That the Aleppo boy was a victim of Assad that was nothing more than jihadist propaganda to justify an invasion of Syria.

Permit me to add the MSM’s parroting the Obama administration’s claims that the Iranian agreement wouldn’t result in Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.  Now that we know that wasn’t true is it fair to ask how many people are going to die from his decision?  Or, how many have already died as a result of the $150 billion given to the world’s number one funder of terrorism.

So the crocodile tears coming from MSM attack dog reporters who claim to “feel threatened” because Donald Trump has dared to challenge their lies and end these unending conflicts is nothing compared to how many God-fearing Americans and good people of other lands have been killed and injured as a result of their biased and false reporting.

Their fright – if any even exists – is nothing compared to how Trump’s supporters feel every time they express their support in public.

They pulled the trigger on Congressman Steve Scalise just as assuredly as James Hodgkinson did and now they want to tell you they’re the ones who are threatened?

Sorry snowflakes, that dog don’t hunt.  If you feel threatened then good, you’ve earned it.  Ask Fox News’ James Rosen what being threatened by the president really like:

Imagine that James Rosen investigated the growing threat of North Korea’s nuclear program and the MSM covered up Obama’s illegal attempts to silence his reporting on it.

Now four years later we’re debating how best to neutralize that threat to minimize the lost of life both in that region and along America’s west coast.

George H.W. Bush was reported to have said, “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.”

Well the American people now know much of what’s been done to them and they also know that none of it would’ve been possible without the steadfast and unrelenting false narratives and outright lies of the MSM.