Video: California’s Vile Deploracrats Chant Expletives at Statewide Convention. That Should Convince Us to Vote Dem Next Time!

ELDER PATRIOT – Just when you think they can’t get any viler, they do.  Last week it was Stephen Colbert calling President Trump a “pricktator” before telling the president that, “the only thing your mouth is good for is Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

Colbert’s rant came on live, over-the-air, television with children watching.  It’s hard to imagine that the Democratic Party’s largest official state organization, California’s, could sink any lower than a second rate comedian desperate for ratings.

But, lo and behold they’re Democrats and their ability to spew venom should never be underestimated.

It only took California’s Democratic Chairman a few days to make Colbert look like a choirboy.

Outgoing Democratic State Party Chair John Burton told protesters to “shut the f**k up.”   It was such a liberating experience that he led the faithful on a chant of “f**k Donald Trump.”

Burton concluded his speech at the convention leading the faithful in a chorus of “f**k Donald Trump” while everyone pointed their middle fingers skyward.

Sadly, the majority of the pigs in the audience were women.  It’s also notable that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was on that stage laughing and clapping.  So dignified and ladylike, don’t you think?

The Cal Dem Chairman looks like a burnout from the ‘60’s.  I’m almost certain he’s the guy I always see with an empty coffee cup in Starbucks telling anyone who will listen what’s wrong with their worldview.  Couldn’t he at least put on a tie?

Just look at these classless losers.  They remind me of the sweathogs from the ugly girls’ sorority who couldn’t score a date if it was execution day and they had a fistful of pardons.

They are so out of touch with reality in the land of the fruits and nuts that the state is more akin to Venezuela that the rest of this country.

President Trump won 51% of the vote nationwide when the Marxists in California aren’t counted.  There, if you can believe it, almost 62% of them voted for Hillary.  I guess in the eyes of these filthbags she’s a woman of infinite class and refinement.

And to think Hillary called us deplorable.