Vicente Fox and Carlos Slim Form Unholy Alliance To Derail Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – Mexico’s ex-President Vicente Fox shares the same goal as the radical front group La Raza.  He wants to influence our elections to benefit the needs of Mexico and Mexicans above those of native-born Americans.

Fox initially went into an uncensored rage replete with four letter words against Donald Trump in reaction to Trump’s plan to build a wall to stop the illegal flow of Mexicans across our southern border.  “We’re not paying for that fucking wall,” Fox raged.

Trump’s response to Fox’s outburst was that the wall just got higher.

Fox then tried apologizing to Trump after overnight polling showed that American’s were appreciative of Trump’s entrenchment on the issue.  The American people viewed Trump’s response as the words of a candidate who finally had their interests at heart.

When Trump stood firm on his plan to build the wall, Fox took a third tack and called Trump’s supporters, “lazy, uneducated, TV watching drunks.”  Yeah, that was sure to work.  The Harvard educated Fox soon realized that was failing to resonate with anyone north of the border, either.

Fox then decided to turn to his friends in the business community for help in derailing Trump.  Enter Mexican Billionaire and owner of the New York Times, Carlos Slim.  Carlos has strong interests in keeping the flow of money heading across the border into Mexico and he is prepared to use everything at his disposal, including the New York Times that he owns.

The Times ran an article this past weekend that was billed as an exhaustive work by journalists digging into Donald Trump’s treatment of women.  It was intended to be a blistering expose.  Instead it fell far short of that and, the negative reporting that was in the piece, was quickly refuted by the women involved who claimed they were misquoted and the meaning of their words mischaracterized.

The effort was an epic failure.  In less than twenty-four hours the story had been turned against them and actually served to bolster Donald Trump’s approval rating.

Carlos Slim and the NY Times bias is showing.  While they were all too anxious to find even a single female with the slightest negative thing to say about Donald Trump (even if it meant making it up,) the Times never reported on the rape allegations that a most credible Juanita Broaddrick leveled against Bill Clinton.

Carlos, your brand of yellow journalism may be successful in keeping “lazy, uneducated” Mexicans in check but Americans are seeing through the plan that you and Vicente Fox have to continue sucking the lifeblood out of their country.

Good luck, amigos.  Americans are on to you.