Vice President Pence Ditches Security – Stares Down North Korean Army

ELDER PATRIOT – Vice President Mike Pence ignored the warnings of his security detail who had warned him not to make himself visible to North Korean soldiers during a visit to the Korean Demilitarized Zone earlier today.

Instead Pence immediately marched straight to the northern most dividing line.

Then he sent an icy glare in the direction of Kim Jong-Un’s army as if to tell them “you’re f*cking with the wrong people.”

The shocked North Korean soldiers stared back aimlessly and even took pictures to show their comrades what real leadership looks like.

The North Korean’s first announced their nuclear ambitions when Bill Clinton was president.  Now, after two decades of one feckless president after another, we finally have a president and vice president who have had enough of “strategic patience” which is another way of saying let the next guy worry about it.

It’s been sixteen years since George Bush declared his “War on Terror” and designated Iran and North Korea part of the Axis of Terror.  Since then both have been allowed to go nuclear but every form of communication between law abiding American citizens is catalogued as part of the greatest surveillance state ever constructed.  WTF?  Don’t you feel safer?

Finally, we have a President and a Vice President who are determined to protect America and her allies from these terrorist nations.  It’s about time.