“We Are On The Verge of a Huge Political Explosion” – And Trump is Behind it.

Elder Patriot – The release of the first 39 pages of the Justice Department Inspector General’s report portends a coming political explosion of seismic proportions.

IG Michael Horowitz is an Obama appointee whose oversight responsibilities had been severely restricted by another Obama appointee, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.  One of President Trump’s first acts was to fire Yates.

After his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions was seated, IG Horowitz was finally free to do his job as it was defined by Congress when it created the oversight role.  Horowitz found so much evidence of corruption in the Obama Justice Department that he has had to empower close to 500 investigators to help him. 

Think about that for just a minute.  Horowitz isn’t investigating the IRS, the EPA, the CFPB, or any other government agency that has been similarly corrupted.  His army of investigators is focused solely on the DOJ and the FBI and found it necessary to employ 500 investigators.

The scope of the wrongdoing is that extensive!  And, it’s becoming almost a certainty that the Obama White House will be implicated in directing a large portion, if not all of the illegal behavior.

More than a month ago Sessions had already been presented with so much evidence that he hired a federal prosecutor because that provided more extensive authority than the IG has on his own to subpoena witnesses outside of government and to empanel grand juries.  That man is John Huber.

Huber will be hard to discredit because of his prior service in the Obama administration.  In 2010 Attorney General Eric Holder honored Mr. Huber for his superior performance as a federal prosecutor.  Still, expect the desperate Democrat protectionist media to begin disparaging him as soon as they realize that they can no longer ignore him.

That shouldn’t be much longer.  The Office of Inspector General (OIG) tells us to expect the entire report – the work product of nearly 500 seasoned federal investigators – by May.

If you’re wondering what’s taking so long picture a government agency with more than 112,000 employees.  Now picture trying to purge the criminal elements while also adhering to ethical standards of “innocent until proven guilty.”

Mr. Huber has been doing his work in relative obscurity in his home state of Utah, far from the scrutiny of inside-the-beltway reporters. 

This brings us back to the 39-page preliminary report that has already been made public.  Supporting materials that would normally accompany a finished product were being withheld.  That suggests those materials are being held as evidence to present to a grand jury in order to secure an indictment – or multiple indictments.

It’s pretty big news when the second in command at the FBI – in this case Andrew McCabe – is fired based on the recommendation of the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) that he violated the bureau’s ethics.  But, it didn’t take 500 investigators working for many months to offer up a single scalp.

Enough evidence is already presented in the OIG’s initial release to conclude that FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch – both Obama appointees – will be facing prison time for their actions. 

But, wait, there’s likely to be more.  A whole lot more.  The Attorney General is a member of the president’s cabinet and 7th in line to the president.  Do you really think Obama’s AG was acting illegally without first having cleared her actions with the president?

The salient question becomes what did President Obama know and when did he know it?

Then there’s the question of just how many deeply embedded agents who took orders and acted in a rogue fashion there may be.  Five hundred full-time investigators are apt to turn up a massive amount of evidence involving a large number of the DOJ’s 112,000 employees.

We truly are “on the verge of a huge political explosion.”  Buckle up.

It’s fake news only until it’s real news.