Update: Trump Sends in 100 Marines Causing Iranian-Backed Militia to Turn Tail and Run Away

President Trump ain’t no Deep State managed figurehead.  Faced with an Iranian-funded attempt to conduct a public relations repeat of the Obama-Hillary debacle in Benghazi, Trump made it clear he wasn’t answering to globalist warmongers.

As Iranian militiamen masquerading as protestors” were beginning to assemble on the perimeter of our embassy in Iraq, Trump dispatched 100 Leathernecks to the scene.  

Unlike Hillary and Obama, President Trump – the people’s president not the Deep State errand runner we’d become accustomed to – didn’t shrink from the moment choosing to blame an obscure internet video and logistics.

Uh, uh.  Not this president.  Trump let Iraq know what he expected from them and told Iran what the consequences would be.  And, he got the 100 Marines to the scene before any real damage was done.  

Hillary likely slept through the night’s events as she claims to have done while Americans were slaughtered during the Benghazi uprising.

Here’s the part the mainstream media won’t report.  When the Marines rolled in the bad boy terrorists ran away.  

(Breitbart) Iran-backed militiamen behind an attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, have begun retreating from the area on Wednesday following a threat from President Donald Trump to hold Tehran accountable for the siege.

“Supporters of the Kataib Hezbollah militia who had spent the night camped outside the embassy began dismantling their tents and leaving the area…

God will judge our enemies.  We will arrange the meeting